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We have a range of video tutorials under development. Some of these revisit and expand upon techniques that we have already discussed in our existing text-based tutorials (HDR, LAB Color mode, Portraits, etc), while some are based on entirely new topics.

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By mid 2012 we hope to be able to offer specialist photographic and postproduction training holidays in Bulgaria.

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Our Critique Slot Screencasts provide our members with an exciting opportunity to get detailed and constructive feedback on one of their own images, gain an insight into how other members postprocess their images, and see how I might have processed that particular image. Click here to find out more.
member comments

You make it all seem so easy David and the clear step by step process really helps to explain how it's the incremental little, basic changes, make all the difference in the final complete image. Great as always.

A crystal-clear tutorial for a novice like me.Thank you very much.

Very well presented. I consider myself an advanced Photoshop user, and there is information here I will find useful. The ability to download and view the layered files is crucial – the difference between the original and end result in Image 4 is staggering.

Absolutely superb tutorial David, well set out and very easy to follow. I've learnt such a tremendous amount already and am really looking forward to the others.

This is an excellent tutorial. I am by no means a neophyte when it comes to using Photoshop to process my images, but I had always wondered about the toning effects I have seen on Chromasia. There are some techniques here that I really hadn't used or seen tutorials for, so this was definitely worthwhile!

It is a rare treat that a photographer that produces such outstanding pieces of art, would also be able to produce such a wonderfully presented and explained tutorial. I've been a photographer for years, but have never really used Photoshop. As with any tutorial, if you are already in the knowledge about the subject then it is bound to seem too simple - but for me, to be able to see your examples of turning a "normal" photo into another Chromasia photo is magic.

This has been worth waiting for. Like many people, I can follow the step by step process with sample pictures and understand the techniques involved. I then open one of my own and wonder what I should do first, adding curves and other layers at random without really understanding what I want to achieve. I've often looked at David's original and final pictures and thought "How did he visualise it ending up like that?" With this tutorial you've got me thinking a different way – towards an end result rather than a series of random adjustments.

Another superb tutorial David, clear, concise and perfectly described. Definitely one of the best ever on HDR and Photomatix.

Awesome tutorial Dave. My lifetime subscription is already looking like pretty good value!

These have been truly a joy to go through. I especially appreciate that you reinforce the concepts as you go along. Thanks for being a good steward of your gifts.

In this, your third (2nd subscription) tutorial, I very much enjoy 'getting inside your head'. Reading about the process of discovery, the trial and error, and of course a down to Earth description of the different Photoshop tools, has helped me in ways no other book or tutorial has.

Very valuable stuff covered here Dave, the layout is simple to follow and a great insight to improving images, very much worth the subscription. All the best.

Thanks a ton for your tutorials. It's a boon for people at the other end of the globe who actually can't attend your classes. Waiting for more.

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Our annual subscribers and lifetime members can obtain a 15% discount on Photomatix Pro.
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