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When I ordered this lens I did wonder whether it would turn out to be a speciality item, only brought out for close-up shots and used for little else. But at the moment I think this is the favourite of all my lenses: it's pin-sharp, the limited DoF at close range is wonderful (particularly after spending a year shooting with a digital compact prior to getting my 20D), and it's a joy to use.

As for this shot: while I think the crop could have been a little more generous, particularly along the bottom edge, I really like the way it seems to leap from the screen - it reminds me of one of those 3D postcards we used to have when we were kids. Oh, and in case it's not obvious, this is the other end of yesterday's shot.

Oh, and I've made some changes to the CSS. Specifically, the 'dark' theme is now the 'black' theme; i.e. the background is black rather than dark grey and there isn't a border around the image. Jason made a comment yesterday saying that he preferred the old theme but what does everybody else think? Let me know if you think I should change it back again.

Update: As the 'dark' theme seems quite popular I've reinstated it, but I've also left the 'black' theme active too. You now have a choice of four themes.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.30pm on 4/2/05
Canon 20D
EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + beachcombing
comment by Jorge Lesmes at 09:24 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

Great closeup. Love this beach images! =)

comment by Beth at 09:24 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

Oooooooooohhhh, how I love it!! I want your LENS!
As for the theme, it's all good! I tend to go for the white most times, but it's just preference, methinks.

Again, lovelylovelylovely shot.

comment by Andy at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

This picture does have a 3d effect to it ... that is really cool. But the background to me is a little distracting for lack of a better word. I know Iím suppose to give constructive criticism but I can't really put my finger on why the background bothers me a little bit ... maybe it would look better if it was a tad darker ... Then again as usual this might just be a personal preference thing and who am I to say your pictures a 1000x better than mine :). Once again verrryyy coool picture.

comment by Dan LaMee at 09:45 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

Great photo as usual!

I personally like the dark gray theme better, as it was my default setting. I could probably get used to the black theme, but the dark gray was awesome for almost every image!

comment by Alan at 09:47 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

Nice shot but it lacks the clearness of the previous shot. I think the main difference is with this one there are no pebbles or other foreground items in focus. While this certainly provides the focal point with impact, I find that the rest of the image is drawing my eye away from the subject.

Anyway, its still a great shot and the lens is being put to great use. As for the CSS change I did prefer the dark grey to the black but thats just personal preference. =)

comment by djn1 at 09:51 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

Part of the reason I left the background visible (rather than more blurred) is that I wanted to tie this shot and yesterday's together. If I'd shot at a wider aperture it probably wouldn't be possible to see them as either end of the same log. That said, I agree, the background could have been less intrusive – on both shots.

Regarding the themes: does anybody prefer the new 'black' theme to the 'dark' one? If not I'll probably change it back.

comment by Jude at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

who do you use as your web host? i am a student trying to set up a photoblog and also want an online portfolio.

comment by Nik at 10:56 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

The 100mm Macro f/2.8 is my favourite lens as well. But I wonder, I've noticed that my camera in P/Tv/Av mode sets exposure mode to -1/3 on most of my shots. Is this the same with your camera using this lens? (I noticed this picture was) Do you know how to make it go for 0?

comment by miklos at 11:18 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

djn: keep the black theme but put a grey border around it. The same colour as this comment input box. And maybe a 1px border around that, that's lighter still. I think. You should keep it consistent with the rest of the two themes: IE: they have borders, it is sort of odd that the dark theme does not. Or remove the border from the other two themes, because the black theme looks awesome with no borders. I'd go with the first option though. A border, the same colour as this comment textarea, or your top main menu, with a 1px lighter border around it. See what that looks like :)

comment by Alec Long [Shutter And Pupil] at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005

I agree--the end of this stick leaps out of the screen. Well done. Regarding the shallow depth of field, I actually think I'd prefer just a bit more depth. Understanding that may diminish the 3D effect slightly, but I feel it would make for a somewhat more complete composition.

As for the background, I prefer the dark gray and borders. There's something about not having borders that doesn't feel quite right. Not as cultured, perhaps. (shrug)

comment by Fellow Eskimo at 11:53 PM (GMT) on 10 February, 2005


(very intresting DoF)

comment by m at 12:04 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Black - My favorrite change to your site. I've been going through your site seeing what it's done. :-)

comment by VPra at 01:22 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Still a little "basic photography" than what I know you can do. Nice DOF tho.

comment by fernando at 01:29 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

i agree with the 3d effect , the dof is escellent just like in yesterdays shot, but in this one the subject seems much more interesting

comment by Frank at 03:11 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Dave, I'd love a Royal Stuart tartan theme. Thanks!

comment by seriocomic at 03:31 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

An interesting case where the photograph is more interesting than the subject. I like the bokeh and the focal point - can't wait to get my own macro!

comment by mark at 04:43 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

I also have a lens that is similar to this one for my nikon d70 (sigma 105mm Macro 2.8). I love the DOF on it also. Although, i've found, as you will, or have already, that getting everything in the shot even somewhat in focus is very very tough...if you hand hold it and you barely move forward or back, you can be out of focus....No matter though, its a wonderful lens and your most recent shots are great...I know you love the "sharp" shot....its been your staple (in my opinion)....and also.....I love the bokeh on your last two shots......

Also, I love the black theme...it reminds me of the old chromasia...

comment by mark at 04:45 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Also, im curioius, how do you get your EXIF to show lens data? Do you put that in manually or do you use some sorta special EXIF extractor that gets that data automatically?

comment by SteveO at 08:43 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Have been a fan of your site for a while now but never posted before, not sure why but i will more often now i think.

I like this shot, the DOF is good, really has a 3D quality about it, i can see why you like this lens so much. I agree with what you said about the crop could have been a bit looser along the bottom edge. I think the lighting is a bit strange though, almost looks like it was shot in a studio rather than on a beach, thats just me though maybe.

Wish i had the motivation to get a shot per day, there is so much in Liverpool that i just miss due to my laziness.

comment by SteveO at 08:46 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

P.s. I like the black theme best by the way, i wouldnt put a border round the image though.

comment by pierre at 10:01 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

I've got this lens too, and it's also often in my bag. Very sharp...
I think I prefer yesterday's shot, not sure exactly why.

comment by John at 10:25 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Surprised that no one has mentioned the face that pops out of this image, it's like a human maggot. Very scary

As far as the DOF is concerned I think what is slightly putting people off is that the image seems to break up towards the back of the log. Having said that and not yet being the owner of a macro lens I wonder what the image would look like if it were shot at a smaller aperture (enough light being present of course).

But it made me and my wife take a close look at it and seeing as my wife is artisticall challenged that must mean it is a good shot.

Well done again> Do us all a favour and post something crap for a change!


comment by henning at 10:40 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Black is better!

comment by Anders Jšlevik at 11:04 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

I think seriocomic has a very valid point there, macro photos in general often seems to be more focused on technicalities. I personally find it much harder to tell a story or set a mood with a macro shot compared to "regular" photography.

comment by RainKing at 11:15 AM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

Yesterday I saw a cow, today I see the nose of a pig...

Again, super DoF. Would you trade your lens for my Cosina 100mm? ;)

comment by John at 12:17 PM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

I see the nose of a pig as well. perhaps its the worlds first maggott- pig hybrid. The more I look at this shot the more I like it.

That is a good point raised by Anders. We ARE used to seeing macro photos that are technically stunning but sometimes lack that 'something different' In fact when I pick up most photography tuition books I find them totally uninspiring. Digital has thrown creative photography wide open and dare I say it put most photographers on a level playing field.

When I get a macro lens I will be following in Davids footsteps and shooting more interesting or unusual subjects. I think it's the way to go.

comment by Jason Wall at 04:10 PM (GMT) on 11 February, 2005

I like the black theme, but would prefer some sort of border around the photo.

comment by bill arsenault at 08:00 AM (GMT) on 12 February, 2005

BRAVO!! great photos..............and you have unbeliveable good eye. it was truly a pleasure to look at your photos. I like the way you see your world. Thanks for sharing it with me.