creepy crawly / 10 February, 2005 [click for previous image: branching out]
creepy crawly / 10 February, 2005 [click for next image: a slice of life]
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Title • creepy crawly

When I ordered this lens I did wonder whether it would turn out to be a speciality item, only brought out for close-up shots and used for little else. But at the moment I think this is the favourite of all my lenses: it's pin-sharp, the limited DoF at close range is wonderful (particularly after spending a year shooting with a digital compact prior to getting my 20D), and it's a joy to use.

As for this shot: while I think the crop could have been a little more generous, particularly along the bottom edge, I really like the way it seems to leap from the screen - it reminds me of one of those 3D postcards we used to have when we were kids. Oh, and in case it's not obvious, this is the other end of yesterday's shot.

Oh, and I've made some changes to the CSS. Specifically, the 'dark' theme is now the 'black' theme; i.e. the background is black rather than dark grey and there isn't a border around the image. Jason made a comment yesterday saying that he preferred the old theme but what does everybody else think? Let me know if you think I should change it back again.

Update: As the 'dark' theme seems quite popular I've reinstated it, but I've also left the 'black' theme active too. You now have a choice of four themes.

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2.30pm on 4/2/05
Canon 20D
EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
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C1 Pro
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