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This is my third and final shot of Jumeirah beach (the first two are here and here). Unlike the previous two, this one is an HDR image, processed with Photomatix Pro. In this instance my reason for doing this was to ensure that I captured a full range of tones in both the lightest and darkest areas of the image, i.e. no blocked shadows, no clipped highlights. Of the three, I prefer the level of detail in this one, but think that the first one I posted is probably my favourite of the set. Let me know what you think.

The metered exposure is here:


There wasn't anything especially complex of difficult about the post-production, but if you're interested I cover most of the relevant techniques in my Photoshop for night photography and Toning colour images tutorials. The HDR process is covered in High Dynamic Range images: part two.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
18.40pm on 27/2/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
1s, 4s, and 16s
aperture priority
Photomatix Pro
16x9 + HDR + travel [Dubai, UAE]
comment by mbecher at 12:33 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

I definitely prefer this one over the other two. From what I see, it has a lot more details in it. I love the soft toning (the other two appear a little raw compared to this one) and colors. Also having the water and beach in the foreground is a feature, which adds not only to the overall impression I get about that location, but also to the composition.
A superb photograph in my humble opinion...

comment by Thatch at 01:13 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

Really like this one David, think its the best of the set. Great tone and mood.

comment by Justin Photis at 01:22 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

I think the HDR shot works really well and doesn't look that 'HDR' like if you know what I mean. But I was surprised by the metered image you posted to see that there was actually quite a good capture of the scene to begin with, though it obviously doesn't pop out in the way that the final image does.

comment by Pierre at 01:26 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

Same goes for me, I think this is my favorite of the 3 :)

comment by Sonny Parlin at 01:52 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

When you do a shot like this (i.e. a landscape at f/5.6) what do you use as your focal point?

comment by Dan Kaufman at 01:58 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

The "daylight-like" blue toning definitely gives this image a beach feel vs the night/noir feel of the others. And the HDR processing is superb, the detail really brings me in to the image.

comment by ☾éline at 02:07 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

Breathtaking image ! I love it !

comment by Carlos Garcia at 02:31 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010


I like all the three pictures in the series and being able to see your various artistic decisions, which are all good. My favorite is the first one... I love the color blue.


comment by Heather at 04:25 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

Yes, great detail. I really need to follow your tutorial for Photomatix sometime. I've only given HDR a try twice and both times, I had major halos around everything....yuck.

comment by mooch at 05:07 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2010

Wow, this is such a slick image. The sheen on the water is execellent!

comment by Chris at 02:31 AM (GMT) on 16 March, 2010

I would have to agree with others, as this one is my favorite. I like the color toning of this image and the incorporation of the water. Excellent image. You do make it difficult to pick a favorite

comment by crash at 11:40 AM (GMT) on 16 March, 2010

looks almost CG .... fantastic tones and light ....

comment by Mohammed Quzoq at 10:04 PM (GMT) on 16 March, 2010

Hi David, what a shot, great work. But there is something that is bugging me, on the water right side the red balloon or what it is. I want to ask if you did leave it on purpose there or some other reason?

comment by djn1 at 07:25 AM (GMT) on 17 March, 2010

Thanks everyone.

Sonny: in this instance I focussed on the buildings.

Heather: the key to getting rid of halos is to use a higher Light Smoothing setting.

Mohammed: I didn't think to remove it. You're right though, it would look better if it wasn't there.

comment by faisal at 04:10 PM (GMT) on 17 March, 2010

very nice. love the greenish tones.

comment by Chris at 12:31 PM (GMT) on 30 March, 2010

This is a beautiful photo. The colors are amazing.