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Well, here's one that will irritate two groups of you: those of you in the "it's just other people's art" camp, AND the "that's not photography it's digital art" brigade ;-)

This one is a composite image: the left side is one image, the right side another, and they're merged using a gradient mask to gradually obscure one as the other is revealed. If you're interested I've put the originals up here:


Oh, and the title refers to the Moloko track by the same name, from the album Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

Killa Bunnies #2, which I prefer to this one, will go up tomorrow.

3x2 + digital art + graffiti + urban
comment by Jonathan Fleck at 11:35 PM (GMT) on 8 April, 2006

LOL, I like the composition. Have I seen that guy on the right before? I think on John's Blog a few days ago?

comment by Jonathan Fleck at 11:37 PM (GMT) on 8 April, 2006

WRONG! Sorry, Mark Power's photoblog - Mark Power's shot of the same guy

comment by matt at 11:48 PM (GMT) on 8 April, 2006


Sorry but it seems the only time I post is when I don't like something. That's not very clever is it? I don't like it but then I'm a landscape person.

Saying that, I don't post very often so maybe that says something about your work!!

Did you back a winner today?

I hope so.

Anyway, Keep up the good (and generally awesome) work.

comment by Luisa at 11:51 PM (GMT) on 8 April, 2006

What an interesting photo! Well, I don't feel irritated at all, it's a fantastic image. And thanks for posting the two originals, it makes more interesting the photo.

comment by EssPea Photography at 11:53 PM (GMT) on 8 April, 2006

Neat technique, turns an innocent soccer picture into someone getting shot!

comment by Brian Ritchie at 11:58 PM (GMT) on 8 April, 2006

Until I read that it was a composite, I thought this was some sort of graffiti game, where player 1 (or should that be "sprayer 1"?) had used the concrete edge to draw someone sliding down a rope, and then player 2 had shot him :-)

Only after reading that it was a composite did I spot the vanishing horizontal edge on the LHS...

comment by guy at 12:33 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I don't hold with the 'its other peoples art' thing (because i feel that photography can be about documenting other events/art/whatever in a certain form or perspective, as well as art in its self, and so much more besides) but it's their view and they are intitled to it. As for the 'not photography its digital art', the two will often merge in my experience (as a 'viewer') and it either works or doesn't, and thats the important thing.

The bottom line is that I just like the image you have created here, it makes you think more than either of the origional two alone could have done. As usual, well done!

comment by Justin Gaynor at 01:46 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I like the texture in this one.

comment by Cye at 02:29 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Funny, I clicked on the 'comment' link to complain, but your first line completely diffused me. :-)
Excellent composition. Great work. As always.

comment by christophe at 04:10 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

The idea is fun, the digital art is great and a good technique, but I don't like it, I really don't know why, maybe the fact that's it's creating a scene of violence and murder.

comment by flying cow at 06:38 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

the blue on the edge looks odd

comment by mark at 09:14 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Nicely done :-)

comment by bruno at 11:16 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

nice shot, but scary cause this is whats happening in the world.

comment by believer at 11:40 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

eheh, very cool! that's what i call "urban art" :P

comment by tobias at 12:02 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I'm in the first camp ;)

cool image mind

comment by Robert at 12:36 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Cool transition, with just some difference in the stone texture .

I like kung fu (even when performed by soccer players), and I like killer bunnies (though I've never met one), so what's not to like in the image?

comment by Thibaut at 12:40 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I prefer by far the originals, at least you've got a micro-serie. That's still art reproduction, but keeping it in its original form leads to something more interesting, to my opinion, and, well, as a photograph, too, because digital art is not just merging two pictures, or at least it could have be done much better (just keeping the painting of the second one, and the environement of the first, which is much more interesting : context of the floor, the wall, the concrete), because "digital" means more tools to achieve a better result. Using a gradient mask looks more like an analogic mix of two images : using some filter in the front of the lens, rewinding the film, inverting the filter and taking a new picture.

But I guess I'm part of one of the brigades you're naming ;-)
HTH, anyway.

comment by garyx at 03:46 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Is that a footballer on the left? You know you don’t need to shoot them these days; they fall down all by themselves. Its a fun shot, just another way for you to express yourself. Nice one.

comment by Jem at 04:06 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

You know, I prefer the left image on it's own. It really stands out for me - just something about it :)

comment by Matt Greco at 04:22 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

strange scene.

comment by djn1 at 06:08 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by ryran at 01:24 PM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

re bruno "nice shot, but scary cause this is whats happening in the world."

killer bunnies shooting people?
hehe.. nah I feel ya.
you know I had to say it though.

I didn't notice the vanishing line at the bottom until looking at the originals either. and I actually really like the choice of keeping the blue there.

comment by Brandon at 10:14 PM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

i think this is great. it's not a technique i would use but it is done artfully and skillfully here. the composition is subtle enough to allow the focus to be the street art while adding just enough to make it look pollished.

keep up the great work

comment by steve at 05:06 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2006

right, again thanks for taking some snaps of my work, cant speak for the artist of the footballer though