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When I look back through the images I've put up over recent years it's plain that the majority of them have nothing to do with the darker side of life, and I often wonder why. It's not that I've had a sheltered life, nor that I want to pretend that the world's a soft and gentle place, it's just that I don't often focus on that side of the things.

On which note ...

I guess the thing about this scene for me is that it encapsulates something about the nature and futility of violence. Sure, it's a rabbit, and a graffiti rabbit at that, but there's something about it that drew me in; and while it's clearly not a pleasant image, I guess that that's the point.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.44pm on 8/4/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
17mm (27mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + graffiti + urban
comment by Kenny at 06:53 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Very nice, me like. Good work, David.

comment by oli at 06:58 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

great composition. nice shot.

comment by Dave F at 07:12 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I might suggest the title, 'I'm Hit!' ;-) Great image. What I find intruiging is that the artist captures the viscous nature of blood in the pooling mess that is on the ground. Pretty neat.

comment by thiman at 07:23 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I just wanted to say that your pictures are great ! and this one remind me banksy style : www.banksy.co.uk

comment by mark at 07:38 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Now this I like rather a lot, especially the lines and perspective althought he cracking burst of red does quite a bit too :-)

Personally I'd have made it darker but that's me I suppose. Tell me, have you put a particular curve on it mr. nightingale? ;-)

Good image and - I think - a departure from your usual 'style', which is always a good thing.

comment by lee at 08:32 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

gruesome but cool! love it.

comment by Justin Gaynor at 08:44 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Great shots, I love the grit and texture on the wall. The way that the red pops is quite effective.

comment by liz at 09:02 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

So THAT's what happened to the Easter Bunny!

I have asked myself the same thing about my favorite subjects I tend to be drawn to photograph and it smacked me in the face on 9.11. So many people ask me if I have any picures of the aftermath. I don't think I touched my camera for weeks aftewards cos I felt like dusty death was everywhere and it didn't feel right. Yet so many amazing photographs have been taken by others and I am grarteful for those that were able to bring themselves to shoot at that time.

comment by sknop at 09:06 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Yesss! No Eno ;)
And here the reverse s-curve on the blue channel works great. ( -> expect even more people to start using it).

comment by Robert at 10:18 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

The walls converging on red draw you into that point; as if you're the next bullet speeding to the target. Great color cast.

comment by nuno f at 10:32 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

Is this a Banksy work?

The message of this grafitti it's very direct and cruel for the senses but it works very well. The color treatment is perfect.

comment by JD at 11:02 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

amazing shot, not sure whos the artist, but a great capture and find by yourself

I love darker photography, but find that its harder to capture. I don't know why?

comment by gracefuldecadence at 11:07 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

What a great shot! I love street art, this picture is awsome, pretty violent...
Anyway....I wonder is it Bansky?

comment by Adam Lee Dalziel at 11:49 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2006

I think this is a Banksy graffitti stencil - check out his website - it awesome


comment by deecee at 01:20 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

the depiction of violence is always necessary to remind us of our innate propensity toward it: hopefully, it makes us think about the consequences...

comment by jezblog.com at 01:27 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Hey Dave you are right man........you've gone over to the dark-side ! Its a great arresting image. The rabbit reminds me of those late sixties "Why?" posters with the soldier getting shot. The splatter is just horrifically exit wound graphic. This is not what we expect on chromasia (other than it is a great image of course) its got a an remitting grim vibe........ no...no this is not the usual stuff at all........... this is surprising and different........er........oh yeah...... thats a good thing.....nice one.

comment by flying cow at 05:15 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

bloody murder!

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 06:19 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

I think you have to stop 'defending' every damn photo you post. You posted it for a reason... If people don't like it, oh well. I read every post and you have to provide almost an excuse of sorts; no need, David. No need.

comment by David [mondaymorningphoto.com] at 09:18 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

A welcome departure from the "norm" (not to say half your work is merely "normal" ;-)... I like it! And thanks to thiman for the link to Banksy. Pretty cool stuff all round! Take it easy folks :-)

comment by Ali [Divisin by zero] at 10:01 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

very nice, artistic and meaningful photo.

comment by djn1 at 11:03 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

thiman: yep, this could well be a Banksy copy.

mark: yes, I used a particular curve. I don't have any generic ones ;-)

sknop: yes, it's one trade secret that I'm starting to wish I'd kept to myself :-)

Jessyel: I know, it's a bad habit.

comment by Maran at 11:10 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Pretty gruesome grafiti.

comment by bruno at 11:24 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

gross, but still respectfull shot :)

comment by JELIEL3 at 01:27 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006


Just fantastic

comment by Philippe at 04:15 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Mmmmmhhh... Humans, Animals...we are all at Risk...what a powerful Grafiti

comment by Matthew Campagna at 04:38 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Cool. =)

comment by chica at 05:39 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

ihate that one as much as i adore the portraits you take :)

comment by pierre at 05:46 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006


comment by cathy at 05:54 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

An excellent picture. It has a very scary unreal feeling. Perhaps it's that 'blood' spattered on the wall.....

comment by m at 06:12 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Another fun filled day in Blackpool!

comment by djn1 at 07:22 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by david at 11:51 PM (GMT) on 10 April, 2006

Beautiful art, and very well captured!
nice post.

comment by abrighterblindside.com at 12:35 AM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

Very cool!!

comment by Kamyar at 12:07 PM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

this is brilliant. reminds me of Donnie Darko.

comment by ryran at 01:28 PM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

So there was really a bunch of paint splattered on the wall? Wow. I really like the original.. and your capture.

comment by Andres at 03:26 PM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

Maybe we are all rabbits. We can be hunt in any moment. For me i remember the brazilian human bein that was killed because of blindness, stupidity and fear. Shokin image.

comment by Brian at 10:17 PM (GMT) on 11 April, 2006

This is such a raw and expressive picture! I love it! Yes it is dark and a bit morbid, but thats what life is.... it's not always pretty.

comment by TMCdaily at 04:00 AM (GMT) on 12 April, 2006

banksy? it must be . . . . you've done it beautiful justice. photographing someone else's art is hard to pull off well. kudos.

comment by frisky? at 04:03 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2006

yes this is a banksy.

comment by steve at 04:56 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2006

well its not a banksy i can tell you that... for you see i am the artist! i'd like to say thanks for stopping and staring and apreciating what ive done, but please dont compare me to banksy hes an idol of mine and you guys will just make my head grow !

comment by phoric at 05:01 PM (GMT) on 18 April, 2006

Wow.. cool stencil graphiti!