BSC - WORKINGTON / 2 February, 2009 [click for previous image: The HDR factory]
BSC - WORKINGTON / 2 February, 2009 [click for next image: dreaming of summer]
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Of all the HDR's I've posted in recent months, this is definitely one of my favourites, not least because it's a bit closer to how I want to use this technique; i.e. while I'm happy producing images that any of the HDR software companies could point to and say "here's a 'typical' HDR shot", I'm trying to use it in a slightly different way. What I'm trying to do, with varying degrees of success, is produce images that have my own stamp on them, not just the 'Photomatix look', or the 'FDRTools look'. Anyway, in this instance, I feel that I got a bit closer to that aim but would be happy to hear your thoughts if you disagree.

On a technical note: the foreground for this one was constructed using FDRTools while the sky was copied from the -3 EV exposure (i.e. the darkest of the original sequence). This isn't a technique I've discussed in my own HDR tutorials yet, but you might be interested in the topics I have covered so far (details about part one are here, while details about part two are here).

And if you're interested, the rather less than interesting metered exposure is here:


And finally: I believe that Craig is going to be posting a similar shot to this one at some point this evening, so go take a look at that one too :)

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