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I have another 16 shots to post from my recent trip to the UK – mostly seascapes, some beachcombing shots, and a few urban snaps – but I took this yesterday and thought it made an interesting change from the stuff I've been posting recently.

I'll tell you more about it later. In the meanwhile: five points if you can work out what it is, another ten if you identify the camera I used, and several million if you can work out the object in the background ;-)

4x3 + abstract + iPhone 4 + show the original
comment by njr at 06:19 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Very cool.

I immediately assumed it was a bottle we're looking down the neck of, and I suppose I would guess it's an iPhone camera. But maybe those are too obvious.

I don't think I'll take the background object challenge ;-)

comment by Garry at 07:31 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Great shot...nice to see that it didn't need much tweaking from the original too :)
I'm going to agree with njr and say bottle (maybe a corona beer one?), iphone and maybe a mug of tea in the background??

comment by djn1 at 07:34 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Nick and Garry: you're both pretty much spot on with the object and camera. It was shot with an iPhone and it's an Ariana beer bottle (a local Bulgarian brand). As for the background: since when were cups of tea bright red? ;-)

comment by Matteo at 07:38 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

I don't know what it is but.. welcome back! I really missed the blog this summer :)

comment by djn1 at 07:44 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Matteo: I hadn't realised how little I'd been posting since I checked my monthly archives. I'll make sure it doesn't end up quite so long between updates in the future.

comment by Garry at 09:08 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

since they were in mugs like these! :P http://bit.ly/qOg9aM
...but I've just realised that I was looking at t from the wrong angle...so if it had been a mug it would have been spilling anyway...

comment by Carlos Garcia at 10:46 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Glad you did! Great capture. This is a Chromasia classic. A bottle?

comment by Carlos Garcia at 10:54 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Or... a vase, or wine glass, you used a photo camera, and the background is a velvet red table cloth.... or a fire engine. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

comment by Matteo at 11:02 AM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

David: of course I missed the blog but on the other hand I enjoyed all the updates (gallery and so on) very much.

comment by ID7 at 12:06 PM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Two quick to answer, theres a lot of people with time on their hands out there!.... its an iphone from the image ratio and another one of those funky, mind blowing Bulgarian beer varieties that give you a massive hangover :-) ...... I suspect the red is left over from some contaminent in said alcohol.

comment by djn1 at 02:53 PM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Yep, iPhone, a bottle of Ariana. As for the red thing: it's the cover of Twilight, the Stephenie Meyer book. I just needed something with a splash of colour to focus on.

comment by Garry at 04:18 PM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

I'm sorry that you had to get that close to a copy of "Twilight"... I hear that there is therapy available...

comment by djn1 at 04:29 PM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Garry: when viewed through the bottom of a beer bottle it didn't look anywhere near as bad :)

comment by Jimmy at 06:15 PM (GMT) on 28 September, 2011

Nothing looks bad when viewed through the bottom of a beer bottle. ;-)

comment by My Frame of Life at 06:41 AM (GMT) on 29 September, 2011

Exceptional, as usual. I do love the +saturation though.

comment by Carmen K. Sisson at 04:33 PM (GMT) on 1 January, 2012

Very cool. Reminds me of stuff I used to shoot and miss. I guessed the beer bottle correctly, though not the brand, but the iPhone and book cover were a surprise.