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This was take about a minute later than the shot I posted earlier this month, and as you can see, his attention was starting to wander by this point :)

On a related note ...

If you missed my previous post, I'm going to be running a new class with PPSOP: The Art of Black and White Photography. If you click the previous link you'll see that the course covers: black and white conversion techniques; working with portraits; combining conversion techniques and selectively altering tonal range and contrast; and toning and colorizing your black and white images – all of which are techniques that I used to create today's image. Specifically, I blended a Channel Mixer conversion with a Hue/Saturation adjustment (to even out the tonal balance for the image as a whole), added a few masked curves (to lighten his eyes and alter the global contrast), and then used a Curve to add a very slight warm tone to the highlights.

And while I'll be discussing all of these techniques in The Art of Black and White Photography>, I've also covered them in my own tutorials, specifically: Portraits: part one, Black and White: part one and part two, and Toning Colour Images.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
image editor
plugins (etc)
3.07pm on 8/10/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
Camera Raw
Photoshop CS5
1x1 + children [portraits] + no print + show the original + weddings
comment by Andrey Samolinov at 09:00 AM (GMT) on 17 January, 2011

Great portrait and postprocessing

comment by djib at 10:57 AM (GMT) on 17 January, 2011

Fantastic B&W as always. I love the attitude. The eyes have an incredible level of details.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 02:43 PM (GMT) on 17 January, 2011

Spot on David :) Fabulous portrait.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 03:14 PM (GMT) on 17 January, 2011

beautiful work (as always). you've got the eyes !

comment by Ian Mylam at 07:34 PM (GMT) on 17 January, 2011

Wonderful B&W conversion.

comment by Kellee at 08:07 AM (GMT) on 18 January, 2011

Hmmm, I shall definitely have to check out those tutorials. Lovely job here.

You do a wonderful job of capturing real expressions.

comment by Uwe at 12:20 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2011

Fantastic in b&w. Clarity, contrast are really beautiful!

comment by mike a at 01:29 AM (GMT) on 22 January, 2011

very nice , the bw conversion is right on the money