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Here's another portrait of Rhowan; the last of the shots I'll be posting from our recent holiday on the Black Sea coast. As with my previous image, the main change that was made to this one was in terms of altering the tone (as described in my Toning Colour Images tutorial). I also used quite a few of the techniques covered in my Portraits: part one tutorial, particularly in terms of lightening and bringing out the detail in her eyes.

As always, let me know your thoughts, particularly in terms of whether you think the toning is effective.

focal length
shutter speed
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exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
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1.21pm on 17/6/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
3x2 + children [portraits] + show the original
comment by Jeremy at 08:39 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

Really nice expression, enhanced by the DOF treatment. This is probably the best of your recent run of portraits IMO.

comment by Brian Smithson at 08:45 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

Wow - the change to the expression in the eyes is amazing. Great work!

comment by JoaquĆ­n at 09:02 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

It's a really nice process, I like it!

comment by DREAMS OF LIGHT at 09:14 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

fantastic david!!

comment by Nicki at 09:34 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

Outstanding! A canditae for a mini-psd :)

comment by Can Berkol at 10:06 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

Fantastic portrait!

comment by Michaelcim at 11:26 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

I'm with Nicki on this one :) Love the toning.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 11:40 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

I would have been happy with the original... the colors are so pleasing. What makes the processed version fantastic is the eyes. Great portait.

comment by Stephen Brewell at 04:01 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

Just brilliant

comment by Dan Kaufman at 04:08 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

phenomenal eyes !!!

comment by Charles Dastodd at 04:16 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

What a gorgeous portrait - and such stunning eyes!!!

comment by Charli Armstrong at 04:17 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010


comment by jesse at 05:20 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

amazing work with the eyes, not sure about the color cast. the last 5 pictures or so are all stunning.

comment by David Kelly at 06:48 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

David, a gorgeous image with some nice PP ehancements. The (gaussian?) blur treatment on the hair, helps to easily draw the viewer to the Rhowan's face - particularly given how distracting those stray hairs are, on the right in the original. And of course once you're looking at the face you're drawn to those amazing eyes. I admit the colour toning I didn't like so much at first, but I after going back & forward from the original many times I really prefer it now.

comment by Martin at 08:35 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

You know, while I love the work done to this one on the whole, I wonder that the eyes are almost *too* glassy and bright. They are riding the ragged edge of unnatural. I can't decide if they cross the line or not though. It doesn't strike me as a standalone, but compared to the original image... hmmm.

comment by frans at 09:20 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

very nice toning. Really love the before and after

comment by Simon at 10:06 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2010

Amazing work with the eye - they really grab my attention and keep my interest - fantastic post processing - I now need to practice more !

comment by Eugene at 05:06 AM (GMT) on 9 July, 2010


It'd be great to see this one as your next mini-PSD :)

comment by LightningPaul at 08:09 AM (GMT) on 9 July, 2010

Looks great! Really eye-catching.

comment by Chris P at 08:34 AM (GMT) on 9 July, 2010

I dream of the day when I can produce photos of my little ones that are as good as yours David. Excellent work on the selective sharpening and blurring, but I think you've maybe gone a little too heavy on the 'cold' toning. Just my personal preference!

comment by ROB at 09:57 AM (GMT) on 9 July, 2010

Long ago I subscribed to your tutorials. Images like this shows me that I need to go spend some time with them. As already stated, excellent eyes!

comment by Fabio at 08:21 PM (GMT) on 9 July, 2010

Nice but IMHO eyes are too bright, they look a bit unnatural.

comment by Gary at 02:05 AM (GMT) on 10 July, 2010

Great site! I am trying to decide between a cannon/Nikon models camera and see you examples on your site. Also, is there a particular editing software I should use? http://www.wix.com/shepherdaway/OMV-Photo

comment by Nicki at 07:37 AM (GMT) on 10 July, 2010

Dave: After browsing your archive last night I saw, that you never choose aperture 2.8 with that lens. Why? Would be interesting to hear your reasons. Is that prime lens really to soft at 2.8?

comment by Sara at 10:19 AM (GMT) on 10 July, 2010

Eyes are perfect! Nice photo, so magical :)

comment by Jason at 09:46 PM (GMT) on 13 July, 2010

Simply perfect on every level :)

comment by MQPhoto at 08:06 AM (GMT) on 17 July, 2010

Wow, what a shot and tone. Love it, the toning is perfect. The eyes is spot on. Would love to see this one as Mini-PSD. Dave great shot

comment by Jasper at 07:07 PM (GMT) on 27 July, 2010

Great portrait!
The post processing works really well!

comment by Alex at 10:58 PM (GMT) on 27 July, 2010

Super awesome shot. Love the combination of great pose + DOF + post proc. She looks wise beyond her years. Powerful!

comment by Shashwat Nagpal at 06:44 PM (GMT) on 14 August, 2010

Lovely portrait!

comment by pierre at 11:43 PM (GMT) on 26 August, 2010

excellent work David