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While a lot of my images are quite heavily processed it's rare that I combine images, not because I think there's anything wrong with doing so, but because I find it difficult to achieve an end result that I like. For example, I would love to be able to produce the sort of images that Mike Regnier creates, and while I do understand the process, I find that my attempts often fall short of what I would like to achieve.

In this case though I'm relatively pleased with the end result which was constructed from two originals – a shot of a mannequin, and another of a wall – both of which can be seen here:


I'll probably produce a tutorial on this topic at some point, but think I need some more practice first :-)

1x1 + digital art
comment by Carlos Garcia at 09:19 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2008

Hmmm... a wallequin... a mannewall... interesting effect... details emerge the longer you study it. Nice.

comment by owen-b at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2008

Turned out really nice - I've tried many of these recently and it's all about getting the right texture to go with the right image, and making them work together rather than just be there for texture's sake. It's all about the blending modes... ;)

comment by Kyrre Lien at 10:07 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2008

I just loved this one! Great editing to create an unusaual and interesting picture. Love the hair btw.

comment by chrissy at 11:12 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2008

Hi d,

love this one. nuff said! x

comment by Chris at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2008

Hi Dave,

I definitely like the end results of those two images combined. When I first saw it, I was WHOA, this is different! I especially like how the crack runs across the cheek. Thanks for sharing it. You are always giving us something different to see and try. I am sure when the time arrives for a tutorial, it will be quite interesting.

comment by Jennifer at 07:16 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

Fab :-)

comment by one way photo / Mark at 08:59 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

Could definitely grace an album cover. Has an almost painterly feel to it too...

comment by David Chabashvili at 10:05 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

Wow..this one is way cool! love the color!

comment by Garry at 11:03 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

I agree with Mark... it's got a fresco-like quality to it. A modern day Sistine Chapel ;)

comment by Mark at 12:53 PM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

This is amazing, the processing turned out perfectly. Great combination of images, texture and tones.

comment by Simon at 01:13 PM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

This shot reminds me of the work of Holly Warburton. She did , amongst many other projects, a few album covers for the singer/multi-instrumentalst Danielle Dax, who was one of my favourites in the Eighties. The mannequin even looks a little like Danielle. Nice work!

comment by Benoit at 10:43 AM (GMT) on 25 October, 2008

It took me less than one hundredth of second to click the link from your RSS feed in order to admire this piece of art in a bigger size. The result is very good... It really impressed me as I always wanted to do this kind of thing but never reach even a poor level... lol
Really well executed... wow

comment by djn1 at 08:19 PM (GMT) on 25 October, 2008

Thanks everyone.

comment by katenelsonhome@sbcglobal.net at 02:54 AM (GMT) on 27 October, 2008

great. :)

comment by Ovidiu at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 28 October, 2008

I love the processing in this one! Beautiful!