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At some point in the future I may well get fed up with photographing the sea, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon :-)

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
3.11pm on 3/10/08
Canon 400D
Tamron AF 11-18mm
aperture priority
minor rotation
3x2 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by jelb at 08:32 PM (GMT) on 25 October, 2008

Great treatment..Wonderful tones..Bravo!

comment by shooter at 09:57 PM (GMT) on 25 October, 2008

I could certainly echo that sentiment, but like you I don't feel I shall ever tire of doing so, as a self confessed coast hugger, there's no place better, as for this, a strong image which draws you in, a minor point is with the last post being in shadow, was this an intended step? lovely nonetheless...

comment by Framed and Shot at 01:20 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

Great effect, the eye is drawn out to sea (or maybe out beneath the sea). The BW conversion is excellent with good contrast and range of tones. The sharpness is generally good, but we find ourselves wishing for the focus point to be on the nearest beam and the foam.

comment by Dave Carrington at 02:03 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

I second that emotion!
I agree with shooter: there's no subject better than the sea. It draws you back time & time again. :-)

comment by Alex at 03:26 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

I'll be short, as always. I LOVE IT!

comment by Mike at 03:27 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

Another nice one! I really like all the white in this. The foam in the water matches the clouds and leads your eye deep info the photo with the pilings pointing the way. Stark, yet peaceful. Very nice!

comment by Carlos Garcia at 05:44 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

Puhleeeeze don't get fed up photographing the sea! It helps us to remember how small we are. I love the B&W... I can hear the foam. Looks like those posts could march on for miles into the depths. Great moment.

comment by Wesley at 09:40 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008


Don't ever get tired of the sea, I love this!!

comment by Claus at 09:41 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

The whipped cream of the sea :-) nice!

comment by djn1 at 10:47 AM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

Thanks all.

Shooter: you're right, the final post was a bit dark - I've posted a new version where it's a bit lighter.

comment by LightningPaul at 03:10 PM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

Very nice image! I like the very white and black parts of the sea a lot. The sky/clouds also look fantastic.

comment by m i c k e s at 07:11 PM (GMT) on 26 October, 2008

I think it is overall a beautiful image. I specially like the white foam and your great toning.

comment by mal at 01:57 AM (GMT) on 27 October, 2008

photograph what yo want Dave! Just make it cool and interesting. And this is! mal

comment by Laurie at 06:10 AM (GMT) on 27 October, 2008

I've never seen so much sea foam! Wonderful.

comment by djn1 at 09:31 PM (GMT) on 27 October, 2008

Thanks everyone.

comment by Amanda at 11:34 AM (GMT) on 28 October, 2008

Simply mesmerizing :)

comment by Mohammadreza at 01:24 PM (GMT) on 28 October, 2008

all of your shots are very amazing ...

comment by JVl at 01:28 PM (GMT) on 28 October, 2008

Incredible contrast on the waves - yet you still maintain stunning detail. I wouldn't think of shooting something like this in a million years!

comment by David Chabashvili at 06:10 PM (GMT) on 28 October, 2008

Wow!! Wonderful!

comment by cy at 03:03 AM (GMT) on 29 October, 2008

lots of depth here. love the suds on the waves. really nice tonal values

comment by Tom at 04:12 PM (GMT) on 29 October, 2008

Awesome contrasts.

comment by aurore at 06:21 PM (GMT) on 30 October, 2008

splendide traitement!

comment by Timothy West at 01:49 AM (GMT) on 7 November, 2008

i love that processing... do share how you did it... or point me in the right direction... i too love the Sea...