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So far I've posted some of the portraits I took during my recent trip, but over the next few days I thought I'd put up some landscapes. This one was taken about a mile north of Wiltingen, facing south towards a tight bend in the river Saar. As you can see, it was a beautiful location.

focal length
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8.45am on 5/10/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
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C1 Pro
16x9 + travel [Wiltingen, Germany] + commissions
comment by Dan at 09:41 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

This reminds me so much of similar regions in France, I very want to go on holiday now. Great composition, and love the mist.

comment by Roy at 09:41 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Very nice geography - certainly looks Germanic, neat and orderly.

comment by Mauricio Matos at 09:48 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Very beautiful...the landscape, the train and even the foggy mood.

comment by Ryan Rahn at 09:57 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Great landscape...love the mist. The lighting is somewhat surrealistic as well.

comment by Brian at 10:24 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

I look at a picture like this and wonder why in the world I live in dusty and hot Las Vegas.

comment by Ash at 11:17 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Mmm... lovely lovely lovely. Beautiful scenery, lovely shot. Even the blown sky on the left just adds to the shot. Incredibly clear too... I need to start buying some pro-quality lenses!

comment by Craig@id7.co.uk at 11:45 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

I wonder if comment by Ed O'Keeffe at 02:33 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

I took a similar photograph in Northumberland this summer, although the river was on a much smaller scale and it didn't have the train. I feel that the train really adds to the photograph and makes your eye look around the image, fantastic use of an S curve!

comment by Navin Harish at 05:19 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

Wow! What a beautiful place

comment by Mohamadreza at 05:36 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007


comment by David Chabashvili at 06:01 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

Excellent work! Beautiful sight and tonal perspective is great.

comment by derLitograph at 07:34 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

love it

comment by Jennifer at 07:39 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

Fab shot - beautiful location. Did you prefer working here to the Bahamas? - I think I would.

comment by thomas mueller at 10:05 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

and do you like the german landscape?
it's a beautiful composed image with the curves of the river saar, the street and the train. nice one!

comment by michele u. at 10:37 AM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

Really beautiful landscape. Seems to me to be there in a day of beginning autumn. (sorry for my bad english)

comment by machi at 02:53 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

although foggy beautiful..

comment by Richard Trim at 04:06 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

My word the vine covered slope slopes are savagely steep. Must be south facing as well. Great meander ... wonder how long before it turns that stretch of river into an 'ox-bow lake'? You must have been up early to get the morning mists or was it one of those totally claggy (walking term) days. Very evocative ... I like it very much.

comment by Alice at 06:27 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

What a beautiful view! Nicely captured.

comment by mikelangelo at 06:49 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

way cool! Just beautifully scenic... well done.

comment by mahan at 08:02 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

wow! nice capture!

comment by djn1 at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

Thanks everyone.

Craig: I used the 24-70 a lot, but not exclusively :-)

Jennifer: yes, it was preferable to the Bahamas - more varied and not scorching hot ;-)

Richard: it was shot at 8.45am, so not too early.

thomas: yes, it's very beautiful.

comment by Erika Rivas at 01:41 AM (GMT) on 12 October, 2007

My god, this picture is so beautiful!!!

comment by contini1 at 12:49 PM (GMT) on 13 October, 2007

Ce sont les boucles du Rhin ?
Very nice picture !

comment by contini1 at 12:53 PM (GMT) on 13 October, 2007

Sorry ! You said it.

comment by myla at 05:35 AM (GMT) on 14 October, 2007

absolutely stunning, d. wow.

comment by oldshutterhand at 09:04 PM (GMT) on 15 October, 2007

Great shot that reminds me of my childhood when I went there with my uncle. The train is in a perfect position, I bet it´s one of the first in the morning ;-)