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As promised, here's the second shot of Ralph. And thought I don't really know him, I suspect that this one is a more 'accurate' portrait than the last ;-)

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.49pm on 6/10/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
travel [Wiltingen, Germany] + people [portraiture] + commissions + no print
comment by nferreira at 10:45 PM (GMT) on 8 October, 2007

What a difference from yesterday's photo. Much more visually appealing and more "dirty". Yesterday's image was much more "clean" than this one, but between the two, this is my favorite.

comment by Nigel at 10:59 PM (GMT) on 8 October, 2007

Wow! Very different from yesterday's image. Hard to believe it's the same guy - this more gritty one still shows a sense of fun to his character.

comment by obrazu at 11:18 PM (GMT) on 8 October, 2007

Of the two this is my favorite.
Great processing, very gritty, looks like quite the fun character.

comment by mal at 01:06 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

strong punchy portrait, very good work. mal

comment by Brian at 05:43 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Very cool image. I love the cross processed treatment. It's a great portrait with the subjects cool character shining through.

comment by David Chabashvili at 06:22 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Yep, there is a big difference between todays and yesterdays character. Very nice shot, more intense.

comment by njr at 07:28 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

These few portraits have been great.

comment by vineeth at 07:32 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

That hand subtracts from the whole image

comment by Craig @ id7.co.uk at 08:51 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Disagree, the hand absolutley makes the shot!, that and the damaged cigarette. Hope you werent on the scrounge for one Dave... Cross processing tonality in this shot is great, square crops work, but I always end up wanting to see the full-frame. Maybe by way of learning exercise you could include the unedited fullframe as reference for square cropped shots?.... good stuff.

comment by birgit at 11:07 AM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

funny looking guy!
and, yes! I think you got him!

comment by Keith De-Lin at 12:29 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

I love the values is his hair. Nice job not letting that get too dark.

comment by Betsy Barron at 01:15 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Rock on. What more is there to say?

comment by Jennifer at 01:37 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Yesterday's was 'nicer' - but this is great and as you say is probably more him! The processing works a treat.

comment by machi at 05:20 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

yo men ;-).......

comment by Josef at 07:23 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Awesome portrait. Rock'n'roll, man!

comment by toodumbtorefine at 09:32 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

love it!

comment by djn1 at 09:35 PM (GMT) on 9 October, 2007

Thanks everyone.

comment by Alice at 06:28 PM (GMT) on 10 October, 2007

Great shot! I love his hair!!