water drops, not / 16 April, 2005 [click for previous image: not yet titled]
water drops, not / 16 April, 2005 [click for next image: babe in arms]
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Title • water drops, not

I spent about an hour and a half this evening, maybe longer, trying to take a picture of a water drop, and most of the shots missed the drop entirely while those that didn't were out of focus. And while I was doing this our two year old was pottering about playing with her dolls and Stickle Bricks. After a particularly frustrating run of shots she showed me what she'd made ... "it's a computer for my dolly", and she smiled. I congratulated her and got on with taking more terrible shots. After she'd gone to bed I spent another hour looking through the shots I'd taken and gradually realised that none of them were worth putting up.

I went back downstairs to try and find something else to shoot, saw her "computer", and realised that she'd had a lot more fun this evening than I had. I guess that some days, photographically speaking, are just not meant to be.

So, in realisation of that fact, here's dolly playing with her computer.

On another matter: I've had emails from three people over the last couple of days saying that they've had their virus checker pop up when visiting chromasia: two with reports of Trojan.ByteVerify and one mentioning a "bloodhound exploit". I've contacted my host (but haven't heard back from them yet) but if anyone else has experienced anything odd when visiting chromasia could you please let me know.

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