not yet titled / 15 April, 2005 [click for previous image: Photo Friday: Plastic]
not yet titled / 15 April, 2005 [click for next image: water drops, not]
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A few weeks ago I bought an 80mm medium format lens with a few to making one of these, but I hadn't managed to find anything to use as the bellows until today. Well, I thought I'd found something decent to use – a rubber gaitor for a car's suspension arm – but it didn't really work out. The rubber was too rigid and I couldn't really manipulate the lens as I would have liked, which made taking this shot a bit of a struggle. Also, I left it a bit late for taking portraits as the kids were about to go to bed and weren't at their most cooperative ;-) Anyway, this shot was the best of the bunch, and while it's something like what I was after I'm not exactly delighted with it. Oh, and as the lens isn't exactly finished I haven't put up the EXIF data.
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