lily (2) / 16 November, 2003 [click for previous image: lily (1)]
lily (2) / 16 November, 2003 [click for next image: lily (3)]
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Title • lily (2)

As with the previous entry this image required very little work. As this started out as a RAW image I adjusted Levels, Curves and Saturation (and used a minimal amount of sharpening), but other than that I didn’t need to make any changes.

What struck me about this image thought is that the lily looks less ‘delicate’ (for want of a better term) at this level of magnification. This was taken in macro mode and has drawn out aspects of this flower that you might not ordinarily notice. In particular I was struck by all the small extrusions from the petals (I’m sure there’s a name for whatever these are) that I don’t think I would have seen had it not been for this image.

One other difference I noticed between this image and my previous attempt is that it seems much easier to throw aspects of the image out of focus by using a wider apeture in macro mode and, in this case, I suspect that macro photography is probably a bit easier with a compact digital than an SLR (where depth of field in macro mode ofter required the smallest possible apetures).

And, finally, I think I prefer this image to the previous one. While it isn’t as stereotypically pretty, I do think it’s better executed. In particular, despite this one being hand-held and the previous entry being taken with a tripod, this image seems much sharper and required much less work to get it looking reasonable.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
optical filter
Canon G5
3.02pm on 15/11/03
apeture priority / macro
B+W UV 010
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