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This is one of the last shots I took during my recent trip to Oman, the sunset at the Jabel Shams resort. It was a beautiful place and definitely somewhere that I'll try to visit again.

On a totally different matter ...

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Bulgaria (or the UK), but for those of you that do, have a great day :)

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7.24pm on 15/11/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
2x1 + travel [Oman] + show the original
comment by ROB at 04:36 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

One thing that really surprised me was how natural the image looks. Was then again surprised then I check the "original". Great representation of how you saw the scene.

comment by navin harish at 06:18 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

Awesome shot, great colours. The clouds are looking amazing

comment by Carlos Garcia at 06:56 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

Beautiful results David. Love your artwork on this image.

comment by Tom C at 06:56 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

Oh my! Awesome colors and this totally blows away the original! As Rob noted above this looks so natural the way you processed this. Well done Dave.

comment by Pau Blasi at 07:36 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

Beautiful. I envy your color treatment. I'll have to re-read your tutorials... ;)

comment by Mat at 08:35 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

I'd love to see this as a mini PSD. I'm really surprised at the change from the original. Was the original so bland because you deliberately exposed to the right? Or did you deliberately tone the image rather than recover what was already there?

comment by djn1 at 10:39 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

Mat: OK, I'll post this one as next week's Mini-PSD. As for why I toned it this way: I titled this one 'sunset at Jabel Shams', but it was actually shot quite a while after the sun had gone now, hence the cold colours and lack of contrast. And yes, I did expose to the right, but even if I hadn't have done the image would still have needed quite a bit of work.

comment by David Anastácio at 11:54 AM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

Great photo, love the colors, the post processing is really good.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 05:38 PM (GMT) on 25 November, 2010

As noted above--and again here, excellent work on the toning. It tells the story very well.

I'm looking forward to the mini-PSD for this one, but having "been taught well" through the Chromasia tutorials I can foresee the masked toning-curves already!

...and, while Thanksgiving is primarily an American holiday originating from an historical event, I think (hope) that many will agree that the spirit behing Giving Thanks is one that can be celebrated world wide. And so, Happy Thanksgiving Nightingales, Bulgaria, ...

comment by Jason at 06:25 PM (GMT) on 26 November, 2010

Beautiful :) Really wish I had taken this one...!

comment by beeveedee at 01:11 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2010

This is beautiful. Love your post processing which brought out these colors!

comment by Kate at 10:22 PM (GMT) on 5 December, 2010

Juicy. :)