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As most of you will know I've been posting the original image with virtually all of my recent entries. In this case though, as the transformation was slightly unusual, I've decided to hold off adding the original until you've had an opportunity to tell me a) what this is, and b) what additional post-production was done to the shot. What I will tell you is that it was shot during my journey from the UK to Bulgaria :)

Update: As Marcel has managed to identify the shot – it's one of the travelators at Manchester airport, warped in post – I've added the 'show the original' link. As you can see, the original is blue, but the perspective is slightly different in this version (courtesy of the warp tool) ;-)

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
10.34pm on 15/10/10
Ricoh GR Digital III
aperture priority
not telling
3x2 + abstract + digital art + show the original
comment by Sean McCormack at 07:46 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010


comment by Tracy at 07:46 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Hmm, ny other half says that the piccie is upside down, he thinks that the top is the bottom? and is obviously in some kind of 'tunnel' ?

comment by Mark at 07:48 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Hi Dave, great shot! My guess: ground level shot of the aisle on the aircraft? Wish I knew enough to guess at the post production...

comment by Bart at 07:48 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

hyperspace, definitely ;)

comment by Tunde at 07:49 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

I'll say its one of those moving walkways taking from an ant's eye view. Processed with a blue filter and maybe with some topaz adjust

comment by Marcel Booth at 08:03 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

As I just mentioned on twitter, it's a Skywalk at Manchester Airport (inbetween terminals). Camera on the travelator and some post-production warping adding. No colour filters or other processing though IMO (I've seen how blue they are!)

comment by Tom at 08:31 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Aye, it's a travelator-thingy, I think.

comment by djn1 at 08:32 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Marcel: spoil sport ;-)

comment by Dan Kaufman at 09:26 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

though I've not been through the Manchester Airport, though I have been through numerous other airports with "people mover escalators", and as I do use the "warp tool" often to make minor adjustments to perspective issues in my architectural photography, I would have offered an "in the ballpark" response similar to Marcel's.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 09:53 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Very cool! Moving walkway and ceiling lights. Great image!

comment by Kevin H. Stecyk at 10:13 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Very clever and well executed David. :-)

comment by Ken at 11:47 PM (GMT) on 17 October, 2010

Wow! Terrific processing.

comment by Chris at 06:43 AM (GMT) on 18 October, 2010

Extremely interesting Post-processing. Very creative and great idea. Is this the first image you post utilizing the warp tool to this extreme?

comment by djib at 09:19 AM (GMT) on 18 October, 2010

Awesome processing here. I creates a great wallpaper. Very nice idea.

comment by Arash at 09:29 AM (GMT) on 18 October, 2010

great processing, nice play with curves.

comment by Marcel Booth at 08:42 AM (GMT) on 19 October, 2010

*blushes* Sorry David, thought you meant "Tell you" on here. Oops! :D
I take it you didn't get pounced on by security then? I haven't photographed there since 2003, tempted to go again...

comment by Armando Mejía at 02:08 AM (GMT) on 25 October, 2010

Excelent color and result!

comment by Jason at 05:31 PM (GMT) on 17 November, 2010

This is seriously cool & imaginative... ! :)

comment by Christiane Nicely at 01:05 PM (GMT) on 27 January, 2011