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Yes, I know, two images in one month is a fairly dire achievement, but our Bulgarian winter experience has turned into more of an exercise in survival than I expected. It's still the adventure I hoped it would be, but we've also had quite a few things to deal with that weren't entirely expected. I've been updating my Facebook profile with the details, but the short version is that I sprained my back, the temperature has dropped as low as -23C, our pipes have frozen (twice), our van has broken down, and one of our electrical sockets caught fire this morning. In short then, most days have been taken up with dealing with the necessities of winter life.

It could have been a lot worse though: our village hasn't been cut-off following a heavy snowfall, the mains water hasn't frozen, our electricity supply has remained constant, we haven't run out of wood, and our roof hasn't collapsed under the weight of the snow - all of which have been known to happen in previous winters. Fingers crossed that a) the rest of the season goes reasonably smoothly, and b) I have a bit more time to document it :)

I have managed to take a few shots though, mostly with my Ricoh GRD III, and really like how this one turned out. It was taken on the way back from Yalovo and you can just see our village in the distance. If you take a look at the electricity pylon you'll see that it has two arms of the right-hand side, one on the left. It's almost impossible to make out at this resolution, but our village is immediately to the right of the lower arm on the left. It's not quite as remote as it looks :)

If you're interested, the original is linked below. As you'll see, the major change (other than the black and white conversion) involved balancing the tonal range of the foreground to the sky, i.e. the latter is now quite a bit darker (and the majority of the highlight detail has been recovered), while the foreground is much brighter.


In other news: if you'd be interested to know what we have planned for our Photoshop tutorials this year, take a look at the page I've linked below. As you'll see, we're introducing a variety of new content and media:


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4.28pm on 24/1/10
Ricoh GR Digital III
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4x3 + travel [Bulgaria]
comment by Kruno at 10:16 AM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

nice tones and sense of depth

comment by Nicki at 10:21 AM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

I was waiting for long ... but this capture compensate my longing for chromasia shots! Really fine ... as always :D.

comment by Mirko Herzner at 11:16 AM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

I really like this strong toning here. Makes for a perfect winter solitude.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 02:16 PM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

thanks for posting the original. beautiful winter scene. hopefully the adventure meter has peaked! ;)

comment by Shawn Bierman at 03:52 PM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

Love the electrical pylon, it really pulls you into the image. Your post work is great, it really transformed the original.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 04:39 PM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

oh pitiful me--I thought a week of rain in Los Angeles was a pain...
Congratulations on post ! Keep up the good work !!

comment by shooter at 05:58 PM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

Aren't ricoh great! recently upgraded to this from my long term gx100 and the improvements in the camera are stunning, the images just pop off the screen, as for this, love the tonal range especially the foreboding sky, pp'in is as always on the money...

comment by Jason at 09:05 PM (GMT) on 28 January, 2010

Stunning..! Really beautiful scene and I love the toning! Great to see you back after so long! Pleaae don't leave it so long next time.... :)

comment by Philip Jensen at 09:04 AM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

I really like this shot, I don't know about the sky though. It's really beautiful, but maybe a bit dark?

Nevermind this is really a good picture.

comment by Anurag at 11:09 AM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

I haven't been following the blog for a while. Just saw this shot and I thought, straight away, that it was the recent snow in Lancashire.....

-23 dear God!

Hope things improve.

Lovely tones btw....well you knew that already.

comment by Andy Smith at 12:03 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Great sky tonality; well done.

Hope your luck improves. Take care.

comment by Dave Keating at 05:37 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Nice shot Dave. It looks very cold. The sky is my favorit part of this image, interesting patterns.



comment by djn1 at 07:06 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Thanks everyone :)

comment by Santi at 07:13 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Nice shot. I really like the tones in the sky. Great job.

comment by crash at 04:53 PM (GMT) on 30 January, 2010

wow! fantastic landscape .... B&W is perfect

comment by Celine at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 30 January, 2010

Very beautiful point of view ! I like this image !

comment by Jessica at 10:00 PM (GMT) on 30 January, 2010

I like this image, but I don't feel that the composition is as strong as most of your work. That being said, the processing is amazing, and I'd still hang it on my wall. Just after I had a few of your other pictures first. :)