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One of the things we were really looking forward to when we moved to Bulgaria was a proper "snowy" winter. All we've had so far though is a few days of snow, and the long range forecast suggests that it's going to stay quite a way above freezing for at least the next week or so. The UK on the other hand, which hasn't seen any proper snow for years, is currently in the grip of an arctic winter – it's just not fair ;)

As for this shot, it's a monument at the top of our village, the first of many shots I'll be posting this year that document our new environment.

If you're interested, the original is here:


focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
12.01pm on 20/12/09
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
3x2 + travel [Bulgaria]
comment by Garry at 09:22 AM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

Looks like a cross between the laughing policeman and a royal Hussar!
Nice and sharp

comment by Josef Renklint at 10:18 AM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

Nice one. Speaking of snow, I live in the northern part of Sweden and we have had an insane amount of snow so far, I'm gonna post some photos of a snowcovered landscape tomorrow or the day after.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 12:52 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

...it looks as though the snow is an intentional part of the monument... very nice. So, who is this guy?

comment by crash at 01:31 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

wow! very creepy ! nicely done!

comment by cgzoom at 03:34 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

This monument looks as flat as a board. I looking forward to see other photos from your village.

comment by Chris at 04:06 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

The extra contrast really makes this monument pop. What does the monument represent?

comment by Dan Kaufman at 05:34 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

(Just got back from the USA Southeast, 20 degrees F in Atlanta but NO snow, 74 degrees F in Los Angeles and (also) no snow. C'est la vie.)

love the contrast and texture of the B/W conversion, but it's the toning that takes it over the top for me !!

comment by mike at 06:16 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

David, I've just recently discovered your photoblog through the 2009 awards. I must admit I have found it absolutely inspiring! A real pleasure to view. With a full-time job and two kids I rarely have the time I need to review these things but I have some serious CROMASIA surfing in mind these days, believe me!
Absolutely beautiful! I still have a long road ahead!

comment by Pierre at 07:58 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

It's like King Winter with his medals and decorations made of snow.

comment by Fotobabble at 11:41 PM (GMT) on 6 January, 2010

Awesome photo! I just started getting into photography and wanted to share a photo I took while camping at Lake Sonoma. I created a Fotobabble so here it is....
Check out my Fotobabble

comment by desfocado at 12:21 AM (GMT) on 7 January, 2010

good shot

comment by Alex Rodriguez at 08:39 PM (GMT) on 7 January, 2010

This image is amazing, very surreal. Great capture.

comment by Ed O'Keeffe at 10:59 PM (GMT) on 8 January, 2010

Don't work David, I am trying to make the most of photographing the North West in the snow. I really like the subtle use of Duotone style processing on this photograph. I'm guessing that is the type of technic you have used. Whatever you have done it's a great find. Keep them coming!

comment by Nick at 10:02 PM (GMT) on 9 January, 2010

Here is the Wikipedia article about the type of person this monument probably represents: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hajduk

It may also be a monument of a soldier or commander (even a Russian one). There was a very important battle near Veliko Tarnovo circa 1878.

comment by nick at 10:04 PM (GMT) on 9 January, 2010

And I forgot to mention: good job in adding contrast to the photo and the tones, all works very well.

comment by Jeethu Nair at 07:36 AM (GMT) on 10 January, 2010

hey its really good !

comment by Thad Matthews at 08:43 AM (GMT) on 10 January, 2010

I'd be concerned if your village was named Sodom or Gomorah (sp?). There wasn't a pillar of salt nearby with a naughty curiosity to its matronly pose, was there? Seriously, though, an very intriguing capture. I like how you set the right hand side parallel to the edge and used even spacing to frame the shot. The odd angle makes him look as though he's falling and giving one last desparate look to the sky. I feel like I'm seeing a bit of red and blue but I'm not sure: did you desaturate to get more monochrome appearance? Anyway, crispy sharp and contrasty. Really pops.

comment by Libby at 11:55 AM (GMT) on 10 January, 2010

It is a memorial to those who died for the Liberation of Bulgaria during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. The final battles were fought nearby, and the most villages and towns have at least one monument (we have two in our village).

comment by djn1 at 11:58 AM (GMT) on 10 January, 2010

Thad: Thanks. As for the monochrome appearance: I created a black and white version in Camera Raw then toned the image using a Curve in Photoshop. In essence I lowered the white point for the blue curve (adding some yellow to the highlights) and decreased the mid-tone value of the green curve (which added the slight magenta cast).

comment by Dave Keating at 05:21 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2010

I like it Dave, looks like he is peering towards the sky as if to say, Stop already.



comment by Adrian Park at 02:50 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2010

I like this image David and think the composition and angle you've shot it from compliment the subject. I do wonder if a cooler toning would have suited the subject matter better though. I'd love to get an insight into why you chose the warmer toning?

I look forward to seeing your unique take on your family's new environment Dave.

comment by anija at 02:27 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2010

I just wanted to delurke myself: i follow your blog and got a beautiful photo in my feed reader every day for years. thank you for being an intense source of inspiration!

comment by Kristina (Pretty Shiny Sparkly) at 09:20 PM (GMT) on 16 January, 2010

Lovely! Love the grainy texture to the monument

comment by Jacky at 03:47 AM (GMT) on 17 January, 2010

I havn't been the the website for a long time. It's a pity that I don't know you've been in China. When will you come again? I'm your big fan! Welcome to Hangzhou, China, a very beautiful city that you could get deep impression here.

comment by Philipp at 01:23 PM (GMT) on 20 January, 2010

very nice!!!

comment by kyungmee at 02:52 PM (GMT) on 21 January, 2010

wow wow!! I just looked over some of your images and you are great! They are amazingly well done and I very much like the mood in many of the images and what they portray! Wonderful work!

comment by Andrei Barbu at 11:20 PM (GMT) on 23 January, 2010

Grea capture!

comment by Scarabaeus at 10:52 AM (GMT) on 24 January, 2010

Stunning detail and texture

comment by Nick Lewis at 08:57 PM (GMT) on 24 January, 2010

Very interesting and look forward to learning more about Bulgaria

comment by mooch at 11:54 PM (GMT) on 24 January, 2010

Are you giving up the blogging Dave? I like this image but would love to see a new one.

comment by mooch at 11:55 PM (GMT) on 24 January, 2010

Um, Bulgaria? Is this a permanent move? Gollly, why Bulgaria?

comment by Jimmy at 12:00 AM (GMT) on 26 January, 2010

Mooch; I imagine, wih a new baby in the house, Dave is somewhat busy. No to mention bleeding exhausted. ;-)