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From front to back, this is a shot of Finley (struggling a bit in the spray), Camilla, Harmony, and Rhowan. This is the first year they've been sledging (there's not normally enough snow in the UK), and they've all really enjoyed it - once they got used to the cold at least :)

That said, Finley wasn't entirely impressed on this occasion, as you'll see when I post my next image (probably on Monday).

And if you're interested, the original is here:


There wasn't anything especially complicated about the post-production, but it is worth mentioning that I used Topaz Adjust to bring out the detail in the flying snow, and spent quite a bit of time ensuring that some of the detail in the snow to either side of the sledge was still visible (i.e. a very steep Curve and a mask for those areas).

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
4.56pm on 28/1/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
1x1 + travel [Bulgaria] + children
comment by Dan Kaufman at 07:21 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

I think they're having fun...and least I hope so!!!
Wonderful PP, of course!

comment by Adam Stevens at 07:27 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Great David! See, there are benefits to the cold besides frozen pipes and warm liqueur.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 08:08 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

this just makes me smile. love the black and white... great processing.

comment by Darwin Doleyres at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

the end result is good. you removed what's unnecessary. good expression capture.

comment by djib at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Great action shot!

comment by sheila at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Fantastic, Camilla is SO expressive, lol, poor finley... x

comment by Dave Keating at 09:46 PM (GMT) on 29 January, 2010

Great shot, and action with a 5d on top of it. Again, the processing works very well with this image. The youngest in front is just priceless.



comment by Michael at 01:41 PM (GMT) on 30 January, 2010

LOL!! Great capture. Snagged that moment QUITE well. I almost miss snow - almost.

comment by crash at 04:52 PM (GMT) on 30 January, 2010

now this looks like good winter fun! brilliant capture

comment by Debbie Hartmann at 05:55 PM (GMT) on 30 January, 2010

From someone who grew up sledding all the time... this photo says it all! I love it!

comment by mike a at 03:16 AM (GMT) on 31 January, 2010

nice capture, you have wonderful images

comment by Yvonne at 04:00 AM (GMT) on 31 January, 2010

Looks like they are having so much fun, a fantastic snow picture.

comment by Jason at 10:51 AM (GMT) on 31 January, 2010

wonderful natural fun shot. The flying snow and Finleys face really makes it :)

comment by Nicolas at 10:30 PM (GMT) on 31 January, 2010

Great action shot, and great exposure. The hig key effect is excellent.

comment by Laszlo at 12:18 AM (GMT) on 1 February, 2010

Wow! This is one of your best shots ever. I love it, the timing couldn't been better - and the PP is just spot on, as always. Also, great crop.