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As I mentioned in my last post I've writing a new book, which is now finished, so it shouldn't be too long until I find some time to shoot some new material. In the short-term though I'm slightly hampered as Libby is currently back in the UK and I have all four of the younger kids and one of the older ones. I should be able to find some time - in between referring, cooking, shopping, and so on, but it's likely to be limited.

I'm also slightly hampered by the fact that my 1Ds Mark II is broken (though I still have my 5D). I was shooting some material for the book, on 1st and 2nd curtain sync, and the shutter broke. If you take a look at the following url you will see that one of the shutter blades has become detached:


In other words, it's going to need a new shutter which I'll sort out next time I'm back in the UK. In the meanwhile though Libby is picking up a Canon 5D Mark II which she'll bring back next weekend. I've thought about getting one for ages, but haven't been able to justify the expense, so thought this would be as good a time as any :)

All of which leaves us with this image. It was constructed with MacOSaiX, from 1600 of the 1644 images that have been posted on chromasia, and used a portrait of me as the base image. The portrait was shot by my good friend Bobbi Lane, and is the one I use for my profile pic on Facebook and Twitter.

At this resolution it's a bit difficult to tell what you're looking at, so I've posted a bigger version here:


If you do take a look, it will take some time to load as it's 3000px square and 2.8MB. The base image is included at the bottom-right of the mosaic. I can't imagine that this is a technique I'll be repeating, but it was fun to put this one together.

On an unrelated matter: my good friend Adam Swords has just launched his new website. If you haven't already done so, take a look:


1x1 + people [portraiture] + digital art + self-portrait
comment by Sean McCormack at 06:11 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Most interesting Dave..

comment by Jessica at 07:21 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

I like that the bottom right corner image is the same as the whole. Gives a nice suggestion of synecdoche, and after all, isn't that really what photography is about?

comment by Jacques at 07:40 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Like it. Should be great in color too.
I have played with this kind of effect too sometime ago. On a PC, I used a software named AndreaMosaic.

comment by lightseeker at 08:28 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Nice one. You've inspired me to have a go at one of these myself!

comment by Craig at 08:33 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Quite an incredible effect, the more you look the more you see. I might give it a go, I've only got about 1300 images to catch up on first :)

When is the book published? Sound interesting.

comment by djn1 at 09:08 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Jessica: yep, I quite agree.

Jacques: yes, it's interesting in colour, but I preferred the black and white version for this shot.

Craig: it's fun, and with the programme I used you can fill in the blanks using a variety of methods if you don't have enough. As for the book: I think it will be out by the end of the year, but am not sure of the exact dates.

comment by Mirko Herzner at 09:27 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

An impressive collection of posted images here combined with your portrait. Lovely idea and congratulations on outstanding quality photography.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 11:41 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

An artist leaves an imprint of themselves in the work that he/she creates... that which is created merges with the artist, and the story of the artist's soul is told through his/her work.

These are always "amazingly" fun to me. I would love to see a poster size... no... a "side of the bus" size of this image :)


comment by Ananth at 02:47 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009



comment by pernilla at 03:20 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Wow. This mosaic is excellent. Like the idea how you have used the pictures posted on your blog to create a selfportrait.

comment by bluechameleon at 04:40 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Absolutely brilliant! This is ultra cool and creative.

comment by Ilan at 05:00 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Well, I won't start a flame war and tell you to move to Nikon ;)
Beautiful work, I wonder how it'll look printed large.

comment by djn1 at 05:56 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Ilan: believe me, if I could afford it, and had the time to sell all my gear, I'd probably go for it ;)

comment by Dan Kaufman at 07:05 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

nice to "see you" back. and sorry of course that you had a shutter glitch; that's why we (should) always have a backup ______ (fill in the blank :) ) Fortunately (knock on wood) my ancient 1Ds is still clicking along faithfully. Oh but I'd love to upgrade to a Mark __ (fill in the blank !!!) But as they say: the best camera to have is the one you have with you. :)

comment by Chris at 06:32 AM (GMT) on 10 August, 2009

Hi Dave,

Interesting, It almost reminds me of those autostereograms (Magic Eye Gallery) which were quite popular many years ago. Where the viewer tried to pull out the three dimensional object from a two-dimensional picture. Have you ever seen or tied those? Your image is a great idea. Sorry to hear about the camera, maybe you can justify the mark III, of course I understand and can relate to the $.

comment by Enric at 11:39 AM (GMT) on 10 August, 2009

Great idea !, nice to see you, I like a lot this kind of pictures.

comment by Jennifer at 01:27 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2009

Great fun - a little like Vincent with specs! Enjoy the 5D II - I am ;o)

comment by Adam Stevens at 02:51 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2009

Too cool! Kind of a shock as I never expected to see this kind of thing on your blog, but a nice refreshing change of pace. Thanks for sharing and hope your 5D MkII gets to you soon... Even if it isn't a Nikon ;-)

comment by vasanth at 08:23 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2009

Do you know if there is a equivalent for MacOSaix for windows??

comment by Scott Webb at 10:33 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2009

I was blown away the other day when I saw this here. I am going to be looking at that software so that I can one day make something like this of all my images. The coolest part is that these photos all came from within and make up where you are at today. Man you're inspiring.

comment by Rob at 12:43 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2009

Very cool result

comment by Jaol at 04:30 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2009

Well, In the first place congratulations on your new book, and then express my regret at the broken camera.

comment by micha at 05:43 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2009

wow! It is so impressive! Amazing really!
Do you have another version in colours?
Just love it. well done Dave and congratulations on your new book

comment by djn1 at 07:19 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2009

Thanks everyone :)

micha: no, I haven't posted the colour version.

comment by Tim at 10:48 AM (GMT) on 6 November, 2009

Wow - I have seen these shots in colour before but never in black and white, it looks much better and gives a surprisingly good effect - thanks for sharing