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My apologies for not posting much recently but I'm currently writing another book and, as usual, my time-management skills have let me down somewhat. In other words, the deadline is fast approaching and I'm spending virtually every minute either writing or sourcing images. The good news is that it will be finished on time (fingers crossed), but the bad news is that I'm unlikely to have any time to shoot any new material until around the 8th of next month.

In light of that I've posted this one, another shot of Rhowan taken at the same time as this one. I didn't post it at the time, as I wasn't happy with the composition, but after cropping it to 4x3 I think it looks quite a bit better.

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focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.19pm on 2/6/09
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
4x3 + children [portraits]
comment by Eugene at 04:07 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009

I really like this portrait. The 4x3 crop is one I don't use much at all, but I think it works well here. What was the post-processing technique for this image?

comment by djn1 at 04:14 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009

Eugene: it's not an aspect ratio I use all that often either, but it was the only one that worked for this image. As for the post-processing: I converted it to black and white using the channel mixer (biased towards the red channel), added a Curve for contrast, then another to tone the image.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 04:30 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009


The peaceful tones are beautiful.


comment by Dan Kaufman at 04:36 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009

I too agree with the 4x3 aspect ratio--don't use it (hardly ever) AND that it definitely works here. AND love the post-processing--as simple as it is it works very well.

comment by James Irwin at 06:27 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009

Beautiful. The focus, the colors, and the girl. Wonderful shot.

comment by Akshat Gait at 08:46 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009

Great post processing into b/w.

comment by mbecher at 09:22 PM (GMT) on 30 July, 2009

The calm tones seem to match quite well here. Reminds me of the moments when you come out of the water and feel closer to yourself than ever.

comment by micha at 01:20 AM (GMT) on 31 July, 2009

just wonderful Dave!! Wish you good luck with the deadline thing and I am sure something superb is coming out! Cheers!

comment by pernilla at 05:23 AM (GMT) on 31 July, 2009

Wonderful capture! Beautiful soft focus and B&W.

comment by Kay Arnold at 07:17 AM (GMT) on 31 July, 2009

great picture. I love your pictures.

comment by Matt at 08:56 AM (GMT) on 31 July, 2009

Brilliant stuff David. I always love this kind of post processing. Gives it an almost light and mystical feel

comment by damien at 12:02 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2009

Ive waited a few days for your next post only for you to say your are taking a break I know your busy and all. but what about US !! the cheek of you having a life outside of this blog. tut tut tut...

comment by Jem at 04:16 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2009

Very relaxed and candid shot - lovely tonality too. She looks very happy :)

comment by Dawid at 08:21 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2009

Very nice shot!

comment by Angela Smith Photography at 10:33 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2009

What a great shot! I love the hint of a smile on her face!

comment by Nicki at 10:06 PM (GMT) on 2 August, 2009

I underestimated the possibilities of cropping for long. But it's a great option for composition. I like playing around with "strange" dimensions - brings out some awesome atmosphere. Now it's time to buried your body, what a mess. Hope you getting a new one as soon as possible. R.I.P and good night. Cheers

comment by vasantharaj at 07:11 AM (GMT) on 3 August, 2009

really fantastic...

comment by Nicolas at 09:03 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2009

Excellent shot, I like the high-key processing.

comment by kate at 02:02 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Hi David- haven't visited in a while and what a pleasure to happen upon today's shot. This is superb- love her gentle, natural expression, the lines made by her hair the lines made by pleating in her dress. Very very nice. :) Hope all is well!

comment by cako at 02:33 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Fantastic lighting ... beautiful portrait !

comment by djn1 at 05:42 AM (GMT) on 9 August, 2009

Thanks everyone :)

comment by crash at 01:03 AM (GMT) on 13 August, 2009