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This is Herr Wagner, who owns one of the vineyards in the area we've been photographing. As you can see, his life has not been an easy one.

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comment by peter at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

A face with many stories from a long and busy life. I like it.

comment by Lukas at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

like this picture. and (approx) all of the other. there are not many sites like yours.. and it is always an enrichment to visit it. (i am sorry for my bad english.)

comment by Mauricio Matos at 09:32 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

Excellent portrait

comment by thukai at 09:42 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

I always love a good portrait. This one has a lot of character, but a bit to much backlit perhaps?

comment by manuel at 10:31 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

i´ve been watching your page for more then a year. always great work. but this picture is a huge step.... congratulations

comment by jelb at 10:39 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

Great details..Bravo!

comment by rambohoho at 11:58 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2007

david. u understand people so good. that helps u make good portraits. keep working!

comment by Brian at 01:07 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2007

At first I thought the hair between his eyes was dust on the sensor, but I like how you've left it in (many photographers I think would clone it out to prevent distraction). Makes the picture slightly askew, which I think adds a depth of character. My favorite aspect of this photo, though, is the nice balance between the soft highlights at the top and the whiteness in his stubble. Superb.

comment by Alex at 02:44 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2007

"... his life has not been an easy one."

Is this some random statement or is it backed up by anything?

comment by David Chabashvili at 07:46 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2007

I can see this man can tell lot of stories. I like this portrait a lot. Great detail, relaxed natural expression, nice natural lighting.

comment by tetsu at 12:09 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2007

So tasteful!!! :-)

comment by Keith De-Lin at 02:17 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2007

brilliant photography.

comment by djn1 at 10:57 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2007

Thanks all.

Alex: yes, it's backed up by something, but I'm not sure he'd thank me for sharing it with you all.

comment by kate at 03:44 AM (GMT) on 8 October, 2007

This and portrait of his son are two of the best you've ever done. Amazing captures. Spiritual. Timeless. Beautiful tones, light, shadow. Delicately, perfectly balanced emotion between photographer and subjects.

comment by Steve Blake at 01:54 PM (GMT) on 8 November, 2007

Awesome picture David. Just the right lighting and exposure parameters to capture the subtle skin tones. Was this shot in colour then converted?