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It's been far too long since I posted anything new, but I've been neck deep in html code, screen grabs and writing the latest tutorial, ‘Landscapes: creating dramatic skies’ – full details of which are available here:


As for this one: it was taken this afternoon at Rossall Point (near Fleetwood). I met up with Alistair (www.digiphotology.com) and we spent a happy couple of hours wandering along the beach. After spending the last week doing nothing but coding, actually managing to leave the house and wander about in the fresh air was an amazing pleasure.

And on the basis that the new tutorial is all about creating dramatic skies, that's what I went for here. If you're interested, I've put a copy of the (rather less dramatic) original image here:


And finally: I'm away from the 17th to the 30th of this month but have scheduled four images to be posted automatically – on the 18th, 21st, 24th and 27th. I'll have loads of new material when I get back, so should be able to resume daily posting (or something close to daily posting). If you have any queries about anything, please contact Libby. Her email address is libby at chromasia dot com.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.47pm on 15/8/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by Cyndi at 10:33 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2007

Beautiful, striking image. I was getting a little tired of that flop. ;)

comment by rambohoho at 10:40 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2007

Canon 1Ds Mark II, cool!

comment by Fred at 11:13 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2007

Great dramatic skies, Nice landscape.

comment by Mark [londonrubbish] at 11:15 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2007

Wow, great sky. It amazes me when I see a sky like that, where the wispy clouds and contrails all start to merge and get blown about by the wind. I like the warm colour tone on this one.

comment by Wes at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2007

Oh this is just amazing. I love the clouds. You always get clouds just PERFECT. love it man

comment by Alistair - Digiphotology at 11:21 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2007

Hi Dave, enjoyed the jaunt this afternoon. You got the spectacular sky shot you were looking for. I nearly put up my IR version of this shot, I must do so tomorrow.
You have really captured the vast variety of clouds that were flitting around today and those two rust stanchions provide just the right amount of foreground interest.

comment by TinaRawatta at 07:30 AM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

Beautiful dramatic skies, got tired of that flop too ;-) .

comment by Ronald at 08:06 AM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

Beautifull dramatic sky indeed!
Lovely compo as you included the two objects in the foreground.
Will be taking a look at you new tutorial soon!

comment by ROB at 11:45 AM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

Been flipping back and forth between the two, the sky agreed is more dramatic but not a whole lot more for my eye. Its the muddy looking water thats completely transformed (as well as the slightly desaturated colour overall). Still, look forward to seeing the tutorial.

comment by Cozmo Photography at 02:45 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

very nice work. the b/w with the soft green is amazing!

comment by {-P-} at 02:50 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

Dramatic picture! Great sky!

comment by John at 03:33 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

I think I like the color one better. With a little more contrast and color boost I think it would be better than this image. IMO, your color landscape images are what separate you from others.

comment by andyshon at 05:24 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

Glad you're getting a bit of sea air. Great sky, reminds me how much I miss the north west coast. I bet it was blowing a gale?

comment by Jennifer at 07:07 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

I've been flip-flopping (!!!) between the two and though I love the b&w sky, as a whole I prefer the colour version - though not sure why.

comment by Alice at 09:11 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2007

Very nice shot. I love the rich contrast.

comment by Myrtle Beach at 03:14 AM (GMT) on 17 August, 2007

Well it is very dramatic! Kind os scary, like something is about to happen on a mystic beach in a future world.

comment by Guillaume Jouis at 07:44 AM (GMT) on 17 August, 2007

Beautiful clouds, yes but the picture is really great due to the two objects on the right-bottom !

comment by m at 07:07 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2007

I too perfer the colour version, however I've now got some idea how you did the dramatic sky and sea and beach for that matter!

comment by ChaCha at 07:13 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2007

Wonderfully Captured

comment by Andrew at 07:33 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2007

thats a very busy sky. great photo.

comment by Matthijs at 12:03 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2007

another amazing photograph.. keep up the good work. I'm almost ready to buy one of your tutorials to see if i can learn to do this ;)

comment by Andrei at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2007

Definitely dramatic. Love the different patterns and textures above the below the horizon line.

comment by Zeeshan at 07:32 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2007

Whatever use the two objects in the bottom right of the picture had before, whatever machine they were a part of...is all irrelevant now. They are now just as useful as the pebbles scattered across the beach..

I love this shot.

comment by Neil Redfern at 02:48 PM (GMT) on 3 September, 2007

Very nice, love the sky.