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I did go out this evening to shoot some new material (including some twilight HDR's) but I haven't processed them yet and suspect, given that it was blowing a gale and I was shooting at relatively low shutter speeds, that they're not likely to be a great success. So, in the absence of anything else to put up, here's another one I shot at the Pleasure Beach the other evening.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
9.21pm on 24/8/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
40mm (64mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
16x9 + reflections [metal]
comment by Craig Wilson at 09:51 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2006

Interesting colours and tones - it doesnt blow me away like some of your work, but I like it :)

comment by Nev at 09:52 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2006

..very un-chromasia this one, but refreshingly different at the same time. I guess its some sort of reflection but cant work out the ice maiden as it looks less distorted...the dark triangle in the bottom rh corner is bugging me!...

comment by nuno f at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2006

By the tonal range I could say that this could also be a HDR, but I guess I'm wrong. Very different but in the same time very Chromasia style. Love the game between the vertical line that goes from the face to her waist and the diagonal lineof the reflective tiles.

comment by scott at 10:23 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2006

I always really enjoy images of images. I think the range of colors and the contrast really work well in this image.

comment by Alistair - Digiphotology at 11:08 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2006

I thought there was something odd about this image. You have flipped it. I took a similar shot but it looked very drab. I like the treatment you have given this image. The colours in the background fit well with those in the main part of the image. It makes an intriguing mosaic.I will have to have another look at the one I took. I did put up a reflection image a couple of days ago but it was taken a bit further along.

I was down on the prom this evening, didn't realise there was a bike ride on but at least the lights were on. Remains to be seen if anything is worth posting.

comment by Geoff at 12:51 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

Very nice. I really like the angle - straight5 on wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well. I think this is a very typical chromasia shot, and shows how good you are with reflections and the like. Top work Dave.

comment by Dave Carrington at 02:32 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

That's one of you're best shots for ages: the surreal background on it's own is stunning. The sharp image of the skater against it is a stunning contrast: got to be a prize-winner if there's any justice!

comment by Justin Blanton at 05:36 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

I have to agree with Dave here -- this shot is stunning.

comment by navin harish at 09:12 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

Wow, cool shot, very surreal

comment by Darren Birkin at 09:38 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

Interesting. It's one of those shots that you have to think about to work out exactly what the angle is and what you are actually seeing. And I'm not entirely sure I've worked it out. I don't think its one of the best shots here but it makes you think which is probably not a bad thing.

I was inspired by your recent HDR pics to give the technique a try myself. There are some pics I took at the weekend under the "Things" gallery on my fledgling website at www.v11.com. Any feedback appreciated.

comment by Gromski at 10:19 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

As Nev says up there this is "very un-chromasia". If I didn't know better I'd have said that this was one of John Washington's shots.

If this hadn't been at an angle would we have seen your legs dangling below the maiden?

comment by Jeroen Broeckx at 04:14 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

Why not! :-) I'm experimenting with my own photoblog. Please check it out.

comment by Juan Brantes at 05:16 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

Muy hermoso very very good

comment by photo addict at 05:28 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

great job. I like the idea

comment by John Washington at 08:15 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

As Nev says up there this is "very un-chromasia". If I didn't know better I'd have said that this was one of John Washington's shots.

Your right Gromski: It is similar to what I might do, but he never seems to quite pull it off


comment by bob at 08:46 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

It made me thinking. That is always a good sign for me - and the photo.

Circle, lines and good textures. The colors are a nice pastel which emphasize the presented woman.

comment by djn1 at 10:52 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2006

Thanks everyone.

John: you wish ;-)

comment by Tony at 12:32 AM (GMT) on 31 August, 2006

I find this image interesting and a little unusual.

comment by Sysagent at 12:04 PM (GMT) on 31 August, 2006

What an interesting shot...

It just draws you in looking for things within it.