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This is Snake, born in 1966.

He's been visiting Blackpool for a funeral but returns to Belfast tomorrow. Since the age of 13 he's lived mostly on the street, though was in the army for a while (which ended in a 'disagreement') and was married for a while (which ended with the death of his wife and son in a hit-and-run accident).

He seemed like a good bloke.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
4.59pm on 2/5/06
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/4L USM
70mm (112mm equiv.)
C1 Pro
more than usual
3x2 + people [portraiture] + urban
comment by Jide at 09:06 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

WoW! David, this is a very strong portait.

Interesting story he has.

comment by Free Spirit at 09:12 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Awesome hair. He's been around a bit :o) I love this portrait.

Still waiting for Finley!

comment by Gavin at 09:17 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

What a hard life he's had, and this really shows through this shot. At first I thought it was an advertisement sheet on the ground, or stuck to a wall. It took me a while to figure out what it was, which I like. Back to Belfast? Wow, I live in Belfast.

comment by Karl Baumann at 09:28 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Really nice shot.
First I thought it was a picture of Saddam Hussein - a photograph laying on the ground. I´m sorry for that!
But a few seconds later I realized that he´s pierced, and definitive not Saddam Hussein.
I don´t wanna offend feelings, at least the feelings of this man in a sorry plight.

comment by nuno f at 09:30 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

A real portrait of a life of sacrifices. It's a photo full of emotion and his eyes tell a sad story. Thank you for sharing this with us.

comment by Mike Dougan at 09:40 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

He's 2 years older than me but looks 20 years older. Nice portrait.

comment by Sysagent at 09:48 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Nice portrait and a great use of black & white processing...

I like the fact that you captured also the granite pillar he is leant on as well.

Good shot.

comment by Benjamin Riley at 10:34 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

very interesting portrait. has a lot of feeling and depth. I think the doutone coloring works well. having him look away from the camera adds a distance to the photograph that you don't get in a straight on shot.

comment by Manual Exposure at 10:35 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

The subject has such a great expression on his face....this is truly a wonderful image you've captured. The eyes are super--I want to know what he is looking at!

comment by Juliån at 10:46 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Just hard to imagine one second this man is "only" forty years old.
Stunning to know that living in street can distort so fast the apparance of a man.
Its simply a model among so many others.

comment by Phu at 11:01 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

I admire your ability to capture people so well, and the courage to initiate a conversation with them. I am an introvert as it is, I can't imagine askin strangers to take their pictures. Mainly what I fear is that I would portray the subject incorrectly, and the whole picture taking process would be fleeting.

comment by Jamey at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Hmmm... I like the image itself (ie the scene/moment that was captured by the camera) but the photograph looks like one of those harsh light shots that seem fine on the 20D's LCD but then fall apart in Photoshop when you start trying to do proper edits.

Maybe it's just the fact that it's been cropped more than normal. Dunno. Someone once said that adverts can be split into two categories - bad ideas that have been well executed and great ideas that have been poorly executed. If the same was true of photography, I'd put this in the latter category.

Wish I could offer a bit more insight as to what looks wrong. On first impression it looks almost blocky. Closer inspection reveals that isn't true but first impressions count, I guess.

comment by flying cow at 11:41 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

this is a strong shot. the poor bloke looks like he has seen many rough years...

comment by Andres at 02:21 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Great photo. He looks like if the wall continues in his face.

comment by jezblog at 02:53 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

A little bit of context is a powerful thing....... this image is so much stronger..... read in the knowledge of this mans life.......I find this image much more moving given some context. I think this image and your written accompanying remarks here combine to powerful effect.

comment by navin harish at 02:57 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Makes me sad to know how much he has been through in his life. It is kind of reflected on his face.

comment by Robert at 03:23 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

The wall's a good addition to the shot; feels like his head is in the right position with the framing from the wall.

comment by RD at 04:36 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

He reminds me of Russell Crowe as a beat up old man. What a hard life he must have had.

comment by Mark at 05:33 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

David, I really like your recent move toward people images. They're my favorite subject. Nice work

comment by bruno at 07:49 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

yeah, nice but kind of sad shot. but thats a point i think

comment by Lito at 08:58 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

The first thing that came in my mind was:
"Oh, looks like
Che Guevara"
As always a very nice shot, Dave.

comment by Lito at 09:01 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

oh, and it reminds me off the Snowsuit Effort Project.

comment by mnp at 11:22 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

There's so much emotion in this shot. The flash makes it feel paparazzi-ish, very intrusive, which really works for this image. Beautiful shot.

comment by Lito at 12:52 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Hello David,

can you explain how you resize pictures. Your images all have small sizes but they don't have less quality.

Please, help!!!

comment by PlasticTV at 02:43 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Your recent acclination to portraits is great. i've always loved your rich tones anyway. :) The juxtaposition of the rugged man and the rough wall on the left in this picture works well, too.

comment by JD at 03:13 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

while I think that this shot is probably a bit soft / lacks sharpness
I think its great. I'm pleased that you give time to talk to the people you photograph, well I suppose I really admire it. Its something that I hope to be able to acheive one day.

I'm also glad that you share this with us. But since its a website we've only got access to it while you keep up your hosting. which I've found a little weird.
If it was in gallery it would be there untill removed (possibly there forever)

You have so many great images and there are loads of sites on the net that I also love, but I just find it a shame that these sites are only temporary things. :(

comment by djn1 at 06:45 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by darren at 08:32 PM (GMT) on 6 May, 2006

man--my heart goes out to that guy. what a hard life to be living

comment by Jeannie at 04:46 AM (GMT) on 8 May, 2006

wow. strong photo - this is what i imagine adam duritz (counting crow's lead singer) will someday look like.