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Like a good proportion of my fellow countrymen I spent a good portion of today engaged in that traditional UK bank holiday activity of Do It Yourself: in this instance, tiling the kitchen. And while there's always a sense of achievement when these jobs are finished, I'd much rather have Paid Someone To Do It For Me :-) All of which is a roundabout way of avoiding saying anything much about this shot. It appeals to me, in a subdued, imagine-a-story type of way, but beyond that there isn't much I can say.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
9.37pm on 26/4/06
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/4L USM
200mm (320mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + reflections [glass] + people
comment by Paul at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

I like it...a fantastically ghostly reflection.

comment by Manual Exposure at 08:21 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

Nice capture! The soft creamy bokeh in the background only adds to the visual "pop" of the subject. This image is both inviting and haunting at the same time.

comment by Molly at 08:34 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

I love your portraits!

comment by kikko77 at 08:38 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006


comment by Brett Admire at 09:16 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

awesome as always... I like when you use this wall..

comment by JD at 09:18 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

god-damn you and this wall!

such an interesting spot :) and it produces some great shots

think I need to scout out some areas for some more street photography!

comment by m at 09:51 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

The last few days have been fab, keep it up.

comment by Roger at 09:52 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

Great shot David. I love portraits. This one speaks.

comment by shaped at 10:09 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

i love the shadow and the tones. nice captured. stunning shot.

comment by Mark at 10:10 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

You should have been watching Ben Hur instead! ;-)

comment by Karl Baumann at 10:22 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

It´s nice, where the reflection comes from?

comment by Miguel at 11:08 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

It's awesome! so far, it's one of the best pictures I've ever seen. I like the woman reflection and her surprise face. Great!

comment by Robert at 11:13 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

The tone of the image is perfect for your subject. I especially like the texture on her coat and skin as a contrast to the soft reflection. You can't help but wonder about her story.

comment by margarida v at 11:32 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2006

Loved this photo!!
I would love to have you in my links, if think its ok leave a comment.
I hope you visit my blog. :)

comment by Mark at 01:40 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

David, a stunner indeed. One of my favorites actually, the composition is "brilliant" as you Brits say. Nicely done.

comment by Joseph Yarrow at 03:45 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

old age is cruel isnt it?

great picture, quite sad, but well spotted.

comment by Philippe at 06:07 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

The Reflection is mindblowing actually...many yrs passed and she's still standing ... her facial expression carries so much emotion...nice photo! Great work!

comment by Navin Harish at 06:17 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Looks a little gloomy to me. The reflection of the womanthis shot come alive.

comment by Carol at 07:13 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

The colours you've got go perfectly with the subject

comment by daniel at 07:14 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

so much more than just a moment captured here. as always, you are inspirational.

comment by jlc at 07:51 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

So it's simply wonderful.

comment by Kris at 08:58 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Beautiful reflection and background!

comment by Dacian at 11:48 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

good composition and colors. and i like the 2:1 ratio

comment by SysAgent at 01:46 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

The guys shadow top left looks very menacing to me..

Great shot with such simplicity that speaks volumes.

comment by Chris at 03:01 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Beautiful shot. Love the reflection.

comment by virid at 03:19 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Great shot!

comment by Croz at 05:23 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Ghostlike.. A super spooky image with a nice treatment.

comment by chiara at 06:47 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Nice! I like her expression a lot! I also like the tone and the softness of the image.

comment by Lautreamont at 07:28 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Lovely picture. I usually don't like pictures of old people because they rarely treat them gently. This one does.

comment by Peter - Wait-A-Second.de at 07:54 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

wow, the colors look really really bad...I mean they're great, but it looks like "death is coming"...

comment by manu at 08:00 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

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comment by Adam Lee Dalziel at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Great portrait - love the title too!

comment by micki at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Not just one story to imagine. She has so many, I'm sure. Lovely overall tone to this image the shadow is incredible.

comment by djn1 at 09:00 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by Seesaw at 09:06 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2006

Sad, as old age is but superb portrait!

comment by Ben Lawrence at 12:59 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

This is an amazing shot! Absolutely brilliant.
Hard to believe that the shadows occured naturally!?

**I've been following your photoblog for a few months now, and I keep coming back for more: inspiration and awe. Big respect for your work.
Keep shooting.

comment by sabrina c at 07:28 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2006

Haunting...Is she just a reflection of her former self?

I am inspired by your works :)

comment by steefje at 07:41 PM (GMT) on 25 August, 2006

She looks like she's getting irritated and wants to throw/swing her purse at you or something. :)
Nice colors, you're a master of subtility when handling colours & contrast.
Is that your reflection on the left btw ? Don't see it in your selfportrait category so i'm guessing no. I didn't even notice it until looking a bit longer.