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Not entirely dissimilar to yesterday's entry, but I thought this one was worth putting up too. I'd be interested to how you think the two compare, especially in terms of the stories they tell.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
5.01pm 2/5/06
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/4L USM
87mm (139mm equiv.)
C1 Pro
1x1 + people [portraiture] + urban
comment by spoon at 07:10 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I like this one more than the previous entry. I think it tells better the story of a guy who spent his whole life on a street. I really like your portrait photos. Keep up a good work Dave!

comment by Mikelangelo at 07:16 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

This one seems to bring the view closer in to the subject. The previous post keeps him at a slight distance. This one's use of color and sharp details in the hair really gives the viewer a bit more of a taste of the subject. You can see more of the hair, dreads, etc. Also, you can see the dirt clearer.

The overall tone works really well to tell a story as well. I think I like this one a little better than the last.

comment by Keith at 07:27 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I liked him in yesterdays shot he seemed more vunerable and hard done by here it seems more of a life style choice. I tend to prefer your B&W portraits. Certainly an interesting looking character.

comment by Kevin at 07:35 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Really like the depth of field here, the colors look very fitting. The wrinkles and gaze in his eyes makes me think what he is looking or thinking about. Beautiful tones on the face as well.

comment by Andrew at 07:47 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

This is my first time posting here. Both yesterdays and todays portraits are amazing, and I think really capture his character. I think todays shot is the better of the two. I wish I had the confidence to go and shoot portrait shots like this. I tend to shy away from taking pictures of people I don't know.

comment by JD at 07:50 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

definitally a better shot than yesterdays, seems to present him in a lighter way which I suppose is partly down to the processing.

is that rain in the background (left of snakes head)

PS you've got a prob with the comments page... its ouputting the contents twice

comment by Paul at 07:52 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

It's a very nice photo, but to me it really is very Andrzej Dragan. That's no bad thing but in this style he is the master. Still, I wish I could have taken this shot!

comment by djn1 at 07:59 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Andrew: generally, the worst thing that can happen if you ask someone if you can take their photograph is that they'll say no, but I know what you mean: some days I can't approach strangers either.

JD: no, it's a blurred wall. It does look like rain though. And thanks for the heads-up about my comment template. I made a minor change to it earlier today and guess something went awry when I uploaded the new version. It's fixed now.

Paul: I'm happy to be compared to Andrzej Dragan :-)

comment by Magnus von Koeller at 08:15 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Dude, this must be one of my all-time favorites on chromasia, and I mean ever. I love the expression on his face -- I don't know, to me it seems as if it's simultaneously jaded and hopeful. Very powerful portrait, give us more stuff like this!

comment by peter at 08:25 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I not sure I have a favorite. They are both good in their own right. I'm still amazed to see what a hard life can do to your physical age. He's only a couple of years older than I am, but boy, does he look worn. The use of flash has given some great contrast, but I'd give the bright area in the top left corner an extra look - it keep dragging my eyes away from the rest.

comment by Heath at 08:52 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I think this one is a lot better than yesterday's. The detail in his face really make it seem like he's spent his whole life pondering his existence. And the background (is that rain) adds to that feeling for me.

comment by Robert at 08:57 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I'm going to have to go with the tone in this image. Yesterday's image felt liek it had less detail. It was still a strong image, but today's makes him seem gentler (in the eyes) but more tragic (the illusion of rain in the wall behind him).

comment by Jamey at 09:20 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I also prefer this to yesterday's shot. I'm not sure what to make of the colours though. I should be spending time looking at the details in the photo (his eyes, etc) but instead I'm wondering what's going on with the colours. One thing I really like, though, is how the granite wall looks like rain in the background.

Personally, I think this is nothing like Dragan (but don't get upset, you've done plenty of other stuff I'd compare to his work) because Dragan poses people and usually works in a studio environment with flash lighting. I think people are starting a tendency to label any photo that's slightly greenish-brown with lots of skin detail as being Draganesque without any regard to the actual photographic style or content.

...Said Jamey, having just posted a greenish-brown photo himself.

comment by Karl Baumann at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

That´s more impressing than yesterdays shot. You can see all the bad times he had pass trough.
I think I´ll start to shot more portraits.

comment by Albedo at 09:32 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Unlike most people here, I have no hesitation to say I prefer yestersay's shot : first, I prefer B&W than this desaturated color version, then I also prefer yesterays composition and the way he loooks. He seems to be looking towards the future and has a little bit of fear in his eyes as he's looking past the corner.
Also the B&W and the dark background make me think he's making an attempt to come out to the world, you know what I mean... ?
Great shots anyway, as usual ! ;)

comment by ROB at 09:38 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

Much more of a raw shot than the previous. This one really lets you in, shows all the detail the lines, the dirt even.

Well done to keep the tones muted, it lets you into the story even more.

On which image, I am also on the side that prefers this one.

comment by Mike Dougan at 09:50 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I prefer this portrait, it feels grittier and gives you the feeling of the subjects rough life, where as with yesterday's picture it left me with the impression that Snake was a hanging around in dark alley's trying to sell illegal substances.

comment by thlayli at 11:01 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

but it strikes me entirely dissimilarly.
i prefer it to yesterday's; more character, less oblique.

comment by bh at 11:20 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

It would be interesting to know what snake thinks of his picture

comment by JC Photofolio at 11:34 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

the amount of detail - the dreads, piercings, dirt, and wrinkles are more apparent here, and so helps to tell his story better. but i like the tilt of his head better in V1.

comment by Joe P at 11:51 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2006

I rarely comment, because your stuff is so out of my league, I don't really feel like I have anything particularly useful to add, but dude, that's an awesome portrait. It says so much about the guy, in addition to being what I'm thinking is a technically excellent picture. I always enjoy your stuff, and this one is no exception.

comment by Jonathan Fleck at 01:50 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

Joe, Dave's stuff is in a league of it's own, but it doesn't stop any one of us popping by to comment, even if its just to say "great capture, and great processing".

Also disagree that these shots have similarity to Dragan's style. Many of the portraits on here are great images in their own right, and really almost tell you something about that person's life and character. This in contrast to Dragan's quote on his homepage "Some people claim that a good portrait will reveal some truth about the model. I'm undoubtedly sad to state that these people will not find anything interesting in my photography which has no such purpose"

comment by Andres at 03:14 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

He looks very tired, but very real, very human...

comment by Cy Starkman at 04:23 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006


Eyes that see further than a cloudless day.

Emotions, real and visible, heart on a sleeve.

More than human. A human being

comment by flying cow at 04:36 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

holy mother of cow
another brilliant, powerful portrait.

he looks so completely homeless :(

comment by Sharla at 05:54 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

I prefer today's for several unsubject-related reasons. I didn't like the affect of the granite wall and how it killed the feeling of depth in the shot. Today's has depth and the wall now looks like rain, which really sets a feel for scene (even if inaccurate).

There is much more of the subject to study today, more details of his focus on himself: the dreads, the nose ring, the earring. Overall, today's shot has more depth.

comment by Navin Harish at 06:20 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

I find this picture full of melancholy.

comment by Geoff at 08:42 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

I don't like it. It's an interesting enough shot, but I just don't like the post processing on this one. The skin tones look awful and the lighting just doesn't do it for me. But with so many others clearly liking it, my dissenting voice won't echo very far :)))

comment by bruno at 08:48 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

english rastafari i dont know.....it could work....

comment by sniper at 10:15 AM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

prawie jak Saddam Hussein ;)

comment by Michael J. McCrystal at 01:17 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

I like today's a lot. I've been following this blog for a while and never posted before. I am always amazed by your tone. It's so rich and full. I like the strong post processing on this one. The image seems to have more depth to it both visually and emotionally.

I'd love to hear more about your post techinques.

comment by thukai at 01:24 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

These to latest portraits are really powerful. His face tells a story I don't want to think about. I think you captured the essence og this person in both pictures. That said I think the first one is the better of the two.

comment by Gary at 03:57 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

awesome portrait, he seems noble here despite his apparently bad circumstances

comment by djn1 at 05:27 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

Thanks everyone. Of the two, I think this is my favourite, so it was good to see it get a good response.

comment by Seth at 05:32 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

Excellent portrait.

comment by John at 07:20 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

I've been looking at the work here for about a year now and I think it's time to stop. I don't know if it's the pressure of posting daily or if you've just run out of ideas but for the last 3 months the images have been lackluster at best and frankly dreary. Perhaps you should take a walk on the beach without your camera for a while.

comment by Tim at 11:50 PM (GMT) on 4 May, 2006

Very expressive shot this is. I like it.

comment by eterisk at 08:52 AM (GMT) on 6 May, 2006

A great portrait, nice details and it makes me sad, and I think that's good.