I will play with soil! / 24 April, 2015 [click for previous image: GPP 2015 #18]
I will play with soil! / 24 April, 2015 [click for next image: Masirah Island 2015 #10]
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Title • I will play with soil!

I still have a few shots from Dubai and Oman to post but thought I'd put this one up first. It's an old image, shot in 2009, and features Tabby, our youngest but one daughter. It was taken when we were still living in Bulgaria, just after she discovered the ash pile from our wood stove. This wasn't the last time she decided to play in it, but it was one of the better photographs of the resulting mess. I have no idea why I haven't posted it before - there must have been something I didn't like about it - but I couldn't come up with any good reason not to post it now.

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