Venice Carnival 2012 #12 / 24 April, 2012 [click for previous image: Venice Carnival 2012 #11]
Venice Carnival 2012 #12 / 24 April, 2012 [click for next image: GPP 2012 #16]
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Title • Venice Carnival 2012 #12

It's rare that I post a set of images – normally I either post them sequentially, or just post the one I like best – but I really couldn't decide what to do with these three: they're not sufficiently different to be worth putting up as separate entries, but nor could I pick a firm favourite.

All three were taken during one of my favourite bits of our recent Venice Carnival Photo Tour: an early morning shoot at St. Mark's Square. We'd left the hotel at around 6.00am, caught a waterbus to the square, then shot a whole variety of people until around 9.30am. What made it such a great trip was the light – it was a beautifully clear day and the warm, dawn light was perfect for portraits – and the fact that all the people in the square were there to take photographs, or be photographed. In other words, all the point-and-shoot tourists were either eating breakfast or still in bed. That said, it was still busy – there were probably at least a dozen photographers for each model of pair of models – but it did mean that you could get some good shots if you were patient.

As these are probably the last costume shots I'll be posting from the 2012 carnival I'd also like to mention that Bobbi and I will be running another Carnival Photo Tour in 2013 (February 5th-10th). If you think you might be interested in coming along take a look at the following page:

Even if you don't think you'll be able to make it, check out the gallery of images about a quarter of the way down the page: there's some great shots.

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