Venice Carnival Photo Tour, 2013

5th-10th February, 2013: Venice, Italy Price: €2,295.00

Come to the Venice Carnival and capture the colour and pageantry in this superb five-day, six-night Photo Tour! The Carnival, in beautiful and romantic Venice, is one of the most colorful, historical, and visually exciting festivals in the world, with its origins dating back to the twelfth century. It is typified by the elaborate masks and costumes worn by the thousands of participants who attend this annual event in the days leading up to Shrove Tuesday.

In February 2013, Bobbi Lane and David Nightingale, assisted by Venice-based photographer Fabio Thian, will be leading a small group of students on a dynamic photo tour of this fabulous carnival: providing an incredible opportunity to photograph this unique event with two respected and dedicated photography educators who will provide you with a wealth of individual instruction and attention.

Bobbi Lane, a commercial and editorial photographer, and highly experienced instructor, will teach you the skills you need to shoot a range of stunning portraits, while David Nightingale will teach you how to shoot breathtaking images of this fascinating location. Between them they will teach you everything you need to know in order to create dramatic and compelling travel images.

The combination of Venice during Carnival and two of the best photographers and photography instructors in the business made the Venice Carnival Photo Tour one of the most amazing photographic experiences I have ever had the pleasure to participate in. David and Bobbi created a friendly, nurturing environment and complement each other very well, in terms of: style, approach and technique. I can honestly say that I came away from the photo tour a much better photographer.”

John Cavacas

The photo tour will provide you with a well-rounded photographic experience, with expert guidance and detailed feedback and critique of your images, enabling you to develop your skills as a photographer. You will come away with a varied portfolio of shots: from street photography and incredible shots of Venice and surrounding areas, to dramatic and compelling portraits both of the local populace and our hired and costumed models.

Bobbi and David will teach you the skills you need to take your travel photography to the next level. Working with both natural light and portable flash, they will show you how to photograph the natural and urban landscape, how to produce stunning travel portraits, and how to combine the two to produce a compelling story that captures the heart and soul of the places you visit.

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Take a look at the following gallery for some examples of the kind of images you will be able to shoot during the photo tour, all of which were taken by the instructors and students during our Venice Carnival Photo Tour in 2012.

© David J. Nightingale © David J. Nightingale © David J. Nightingale © David J. Nightingale © John Kelly © John Kelly © John Kelly © John Cavacas © David J. Nightingale © John Cavacas © John Cavacas © Maria Otero © Christine Nelson © Christine Nelson © John Kelly © David J. Nightingale
Many thanks to John Kelly, Marie Otero, John Cavacas and Christine Nelson for allowing us to reproduce their images here.

What to expect

  • A well planned, informative and exciting photo tour including portrait photography, street photography, landscape and architectural photography.
  • Detailed instruction on how to produce visually stunning and creative images of Venice and the carnival.
  • Instruction from world-class instructors, Bobbi Lane and David Nightingale, and assistance from Fabio Thian, a professional photographer based in Venice.
  • Improved shooting, composition and observational techniques.
  • Learning to see and work with essential lighting techniques using both natural and artificial light.
  • Improved ability to tell a compelling and coherent story through your photographs.
  • Numerous tips, tricks and techniques to help you get the best possible shot.
  • Regular reviews, feedback and constructive critique of your images.

What to bring

  • Your DSLR, a backup body if you have one, a range of lenses (from wide-angle to telephoto), a flash with light modifiers (optional but highly recommended), and a tripod.
  • Your laptop or other storage device, a range of SD/CF cards, a card reader, and a USB memory stick.
  • The temperature in Venice in February could range from around -5°C to 10°C (23-50°F), so make sure you bring along some warm, comfortable, and waterproof clothing.


Tuesday 5th February (evening)

At 6.00pm we will have a welcome meeting at the Pensione Guerrato followed by the welcome dinner at a local restaurant at 8.30pm. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet with David, Bobbi, Fabio and your fellow students, and find out more about what you will be learning during this five-day photo tour.

Wednesday 6th February

Burano, often referred to as the 'colourful' island, is situated 7km from Venice, a 40 minute trip by vaporetti (a Venetian motorboat) and is well known for its lacework and small, brightly-painted houses. During this session we will begin our discussion of a variety of key skills you will develop during the remainder of the photo tour: optimising your exposures, composition, getting the most from your equipment, and how to start thinking about creating a range of images that will capture the essence of your trip to Venice.

In the afternoon we have our first model shoot, working with two local models in full Carnival costume. During this session we will be concentrating on developing your portrait skills: working with both available light and portable flash; directing the models; and capturing the elegance and splendour of the Carnival costumes.

Thursday 7th February

On Thursday morning we will take a trip to the islands of Murano, known worldwide for its amazing glassware. We have access to a working glass factory where you will have the unique experience of photographing master craftsman in a working environment: pulling molten glass out of the ovens, then forming and blowing them into their final shapes. The final two images in the gallery (above) were taken during our visit to the factory in 2012.

During the second model shoot we will consolidate and further develop your portrait shooting skills by concentrating on producing a range of environmental portraits: shooting both models in a variety of locations (using both available light and portable flash) to produce images that capture the full flavour of the Carnival.

During the evening we will be running the first critique/review session, during which David and Bobbi will provide a detailed and constructive critique a range of your images from the previous day's shoots.

Friday 8th February

On Friday morning we will be shooting the Rialto market, one of the busiest and most exciting in Italy. During this session we will concentrate on developing your street photography and portraiture skills, in terms of working on both the technical and social aspects of this form of photography: which lenses and settings work best for portraits; how to approach and direct people; how to photograph people in context, and how to make the most of both available light and portable flash to create compelling and intimate portraits.

During the afternoon there will be an optional two hour gondola ride, where you can join Bobbi, Dave and Fabio for a leisurely cruise around the waterways of Venice. Alternatively you can shoot a location of your own choosing or take the opportunity to enjoy some of Venice's other attractions. Please note that the gondola trip will cost an additional €60 per person.

In the evening we will hold our second critique/review session.

Saturday 9th February

During the first three days of the photo tour we will concentrate on developing your technical, aesthetic, and creative skills. Over the weekend we will guide you in putting these skills into practice. We will spend both days photographing in a variety of iconic locations, including St. Mark's Square, and will concentrate on producing images that capture the heart and soul of this event.

We will begin the weekend with a dawn shoot at St. Mark's Square.

During the afternoon there will be an optional post-production workshop run by David. He will show you how to use a variety of tools and techniques to really make the most of your images from this trip.

During the evening we will head back to St. Mark's Square for the one of the busiest and most exciting nights of the Venice Carnival. We will begin shooting in the late evening light, working with both available light and portable flash.

Sunday 10th February

On Sunday morning we will be running our final critique/review session, during which David and Bobbi will provide you with a detailed critique of your selected images from the previous two days.

During the afternoon we will head out for our final shoot (location tba). During this session you will have the opportunity to practice the techniques you have learnt during the week, allowing you to capture a range of stunning shots of the carnival.

We will conclude the photo tour with a farewell dinner at a local restaurant at 8.30pm.

The Team

David Nightingale and Bobbi Lane, who have worked together to provide photo tours to Oman, Istanbul and Venice, will be running the Venice Carnival Photo Tour. They will be assisted by Fabio Thian, and Libby Nightingale will ensure that the event runs smoothly.

David Nightingale, an internationally acclaimed, award winning photographer and instructor, is the Creative Director of Chromasia Training Limited – a photographic and post-production training company, specialising in online photography and Photoshop training, one-to-one tuition, and the delivery of high-quality workshops around the world.

His photoblog – ranked as the 16th most influential UK blog – has received numerous nominations and awards including Winner of the Most Popular Photoblog category in the 2008 Photoblog Awards and Best European Photoblog in the 2007 Photoblog Awards.

David has also authored three books: Baby Photography Now (2007); Practical HDR: The Complete Guide to Creating High Dynamic Range Images with Your Digital SLR (2009); and Extreme Exposure: Advanced Techniques for Creative Digital Photography (2010).

You can find out more about David and Libby here.

Bobbi Lane is a commercial photographer specializing in creative portraits on location and in studio. Bobbi's multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 30 years of technical experience with innovative artistic interpretation. She shoots primarily people for editorial, corporate, and advertising accounts as well as photographing "real people" and travel for stock.

As a dedicated photo educator, she brings insight and enthusiasm to her fun-filled workshops. She's been named as one of the Top Workshop Instructors by Photo District News was honored with a Special Recognition Award for Education from Advertising Photographers of America. Bobbi has created several instructional DVDs: Posing and Directing, Portraits Unplugged and Portrait Lighting Techniques.

You can find out more about Bobbi here:

Additionally, Dave and Bobbi will be assisted by Fabio Thian.

Fabio, based in Venice, has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. He began his career in Milan, working as an assistant for some of the best international fashion photographers of the eighties, before becoming a freelance photographer, working for a variety of prominent magazines and companies in the fields of both fashion and corporate advertising.

In recent years, he has developed a strong interest in landscape photography and has realised one of his long-desired ambitions: setting up a photography website and photoblog centred around his home town of Venice.

Fabio's works can be seen at:

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What's included in the price?

  • Six night's accommodation, 5th-10th inclusive, at the Pensione Guerrato: a small hotel, with a warm and friendly atmosphere, located within the heart of Venice, just a short walk from the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Square, and the Grand Canal. PLEASE NOTE that the cost of this workshop is based upon single occupancy of a double room. If you would be interested in reducing the cost of the photo tour by sharing a twin room with one of your fellow students, or bringing along your partner or friend, please for further details.
  • Two event dinners.
  • All transportation within Venice during the photo tour.

What's NOT included?

  • Transport to and from Venice.
  • Transport to and from Venice airport to your hotel.
  • Travel insurance.
  • All lunches and dinners on three of the six evenings.

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Further information

If you have any questions about this photo tour please leave a comment/question below or contact Libby for further details.

Alternatively, if you can't make it to Venice on these dates, you may be interested in our one-to-one training, our other forthcoming training events, or our online photography and post-production tutorials.

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