Fleetwood light / 29 April, 2011 [click for previous image: Neil]
Fleetwood light / 29 April, 2011 [click for next image: untitled #121]
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Title • Fleetwood light

This shot has annoyed me on several occasions since I shot it back in February as I really struggled to come up with a version I liked. What made it especially annoying is that I couldn't work out why: it has all the ingredients of a decent shot – the composition works, there's some good detail in the sky, the exposure's OK, and so on – but no matter what I tried I kept up with something that looked almost as drab as the original. To give you an idea about what I mean, here's an earlier version:


Not great.

With my previous attempts I'd assumed that the sky needed to be dark and dramatic – it seemed like the best solution, both technically and aesthetically. Despite numerous attempts though it either ended up looking drab (as with the version I linked above) or overly dark.

Today though, while sitting in the Ford garage in VT waiting for them to change a couple of wheel bearings on our van, I tried something different, i.e. adding a very steep curve to brighten the mid-tone values in the clouds. It might not be the best solution for this image – I'm sure there's probably at least another couple of versions lurking in there somewhere that would top this one – but it's definitely a whole lot better than it was :-)

As always, let me know what you think.

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