fritters anyone? / 21 October, 2006 [click for previous image: Dear George]
fritters anyone? / 21 October, 2006 [click for next image: the space we leave behind]
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Title • fritters anyone?

This is the first of nine further shots taken during our trip to visit various semi-derelict and boarded up properties in the northern area of Blackpool: The Flying Handbag (a former pub), The Flamingo (a nightclub), Collins (which sold paint, wallpaper, and so on), and a number of private houses. This is the second shot taken in one of the houses; tomorrow's is from a different house, the four after that are from Collins, and the remaining three are from The Flamingo.

Initially, I'd placed this one in my reserve pile (the one I visit before raiding the archive for stuff I've previously rejected), but Libby said I should put it up because it seemed so British ... which got me thinking. Has Spam managed to invade the rest of the world as thoroughly as it once dominated Great Britain? When I was at school in the 70's, the most vile lunch we could possibly be served consisted of spam fritters: reconstituted pork and ham served in a luke warm and greasy batter. The thought of their glistening and greasy pinkness can still turn my stomach over 30 years later.

So, have the rest of you come across this culinary delight?

Oh, and photographically speaking this is probably my least favourite of the next nine shots, but watch out for the one I'm putting up next Thursday as Libby says it's one of the worst shots I've put up in ages. Personally, I quite like it, but for reasons other than its visual appeal.

And finally: I used to update chromasia at around 9.00pm GMT, but the last few weeks my posting times have been all over the place. For the next nine days chromasia will update at 9.00pm GMT, that's 8.00pm British Summer Time.

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