Dear George / 20 October, 2006 [click for previous image: 18]
Dear George / 20 October, 2006 [click for next image: fritters anyone?]
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Title • Dear George

In the description for this entry I mentioned that we were currently undertaking a long-term project to document the social, cultural and material changes that will take place in Blackpool over the next few years. This shot is part of that project.

Today, Libby and I (and an MA photography student from our local photography college) took a preliminary trip around some of the boarded up buildings that will eventually be demolished when the Talbot Gateway is built. The trip was arranged/coordinated by Damian Masters from GVA Grimley, Martin Turley from Blackpool Council and Kate Staley from ReBlackpool. Thanks.

During the day we visited The Flying Handbag (a former pub), The Flamingo (a nightclub), Collins (which sold paint, wallpaper, and so on), and a number of private houses. Hopefully we'll be able to go back to all of these locations

This shot was taken in one of the private houses which looked as though squatters had lived there for a while. In the room where this was taken there were various tins of food – some full, some empty – a sleeping bag, some spectacles, a pair of trainers, three or four cassette tapes, and various other abandoned items. The one that caught my eye though was the letter in the left frame of this image.

For me, it seemed incongruous. I don't know what I expected to read, but, in the context of the abandonment and decay that surrounded it, it seemed almost infinitely sad. I've included the text below.

Dear George.

Do you know when I said we could have sex I don't think Im ready for that.

So instead if Im stopping at yours all I would like is for us just to cuddle each other.

Cause when we do make love I won't it to be special I won't to feel the mood so what I would like is candles. But you can make me and you something to eat then after tea we can retire to the bedroom thats were we can cuddle up together and you never know we could end up making love. I wouldn't won't to come to yours tomorrow night. I don't make make a habbit of sleeping with men on the first date but for some reason I won't to make love to you. And we can eat strawberrys cause that is what couples do they feed each other strawberrys its supposed to make you randy. But when I do come I might be to shy to make love to you.

Can we go places cause he never took me anywhere. If you don't won't me to come tomorrow let me know. Im romantic are you?

I would like chocolates sometimes. Id like to go to town with you and mcdonalds sometimes. If you won't me to come tomoz I will do. I really hope you feel the same as I do.

write back


keep smiling

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