international fireworks #3 / 23 September, 2006 [click for previous image: international fireworks #2]
international fireworks #3 / 23 September, 2006 [click for next image: the four seasons]
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Title • international fireworks #3

I don't think this one is quite in the same league as yesterday's, but it does do a reasonably good job of demonstrating quite how hectic it can get when you're close to a big display. What I probably didn't make clear yesterday is that the crowd were viewing this display from the promenade and the display was launched from the pier. I was with the launching team, about one third of the way down the pier; probably a few hundred feet from the sea-front. It wasn't the best angle from which to view the display, but it was certainly a lot more exciting than either standing with everyone else or shooting the display from the beach.

As with yesterday's this was shot at f/16, but this one was a nine second exposure. And in this instance I've cropped a 3x2 portrait format shot to a 3x2 landscape one. Normally, I wouldn't post anything that had been cropped so drastically, but with fireworks the only viable option is to set up your camera and try and work out what will end up in the shot. In this one, there's a considerable amount of blown out areas in the original so I could bin it or crop it.

There's a final display next Friday so I'll try and come up with another interesting location to shoot from, either that or I'll shoot from the pier again.

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