four part harmony / 20 August, 2006 [click for previous image: wyre wreck #5]
four part harmony / 20 August, 2006 [click for next image: crazy frogs]
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Title • four part harmony

First of all, thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's shot, they were much appreciated.

As for this one: I've been undecided about it, mostly for technical reasons. It's comprised of four shots and all were underexposed by at least a stop, and all of them are noisy, but the more I've looked at it, the more I like it.

It's still technically quite weak, but, for me at least, her expressions are worth recording. The four shots were taken from left to right. In the first shot she's paying attention and smiling, but by the time I took the second one her attention was wandering. By the third shot she was being silly, and by the fourth she was downright bored ;-)

Anyway, this is probably one that I'll try and reshoot at some point (maybe one each for all the kids), but for the time being at least I thought this one was worth sharing.

Oh, and all the shots were taken with same aperture and shutter speed, and all used flash (bounced off the ceiling).

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