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First of all, thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's shot, they were much appreciated.

As for this one: I've been undecided about it, mostly for technical reasons. It's comprised of four shots and all were underexposed by at least a stop, and all of them are noisy, but the more I've looked at it, the more I like it.

It's still technically quite weak, but, for me at least, her expressions are worth recording. The four shots were taken from left to right. In the first shot she's paying attention and smiling, but by the time I took the second one her attention was wandering. By the third shot she was being silly, and by the fourth she was downright bored ;-)

Anyway, this is probably one that I'll try and reshoot at some point (maybe one each for all the kids), but for the time being at least I thought this one was worth sharing.

Oh, and all the shots were taken with same aperture and shutter speed, and all used flash (bounced off the ceiling).

3x2 + reflections [glass] + children [portraits]
comment by Arthur at 09:04 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

A great idea, DJN: and nicely done!

comment by Paul at 09:07 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

They don't appear noisy, and I like the idea a lot.

comment by djn1 at 09:12 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

Paul: no, at this resolution they look ok, but the high-res' version lacks detail.

comment by kim at 09:15 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

This is so fun! I think doing one for each of your kids is a brilliant idea.

comment by Pete at 09:30 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

I like it - made me smile :-)

comment by Effective Pixels at 09:32 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

Great reflections, very smooth.

comment by frans (the netherlands) at 09:33 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

WAUW! I really like this image, everytime I see a picture of your kids I think this can't be done better. And everytime I see a new picture it's better then the one before, how do you do it? I like the whiteness in it and I'm wondering did you do a lot of post precessing for the tone? It's very pure.

comment by Trish at 09:49 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

I can't judge the technical aspects of the photo, but as a parent I think it's priceless. For me, the technical side of photos are only part of it, more important *to me* is the story. I would _love_ to have images like this of my kids. Well done!

comment by Kat at 09:52 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

clever title. =)

comment by [ PIXEL VIKING ] at 09:57 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

I love the portraits of your children. Is it a "studio" shot or do you just like white in your apartment / house..? :)

comment by Jennifer at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

Great - sitting here with a big smile on my face. Wish my kids were still cute (they're wonderful - but def not cute!)

comment by m at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

I love it

comment by kooolman at 10:10 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

wouaw. bravo !

comment by NJP3 at 10:13 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

fantastic idea, the reflections and expressions are great!

comment by DAVE at 10:47 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

Kick Ass

comment by Joseph at 10:53 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

well thats just perfect isnt it.
well done david!

comment by Robert at 10:57 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

Together they work well; I like how the reflections are so clear in the table, effectively giving you eight faces to explore. Even if it doesn't look great at high resolution on a monitor, I bet it makes a cool print.

comment by daniel at 11:27 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

Technical strength really takes a backseat here. I think as a photo, the humanity makes it leaps and bounds stronger than pictures of beaches.

comment by m i k e b at 11:35 PM (GMT) on 20 August, 2006

I have seen many multiplicity shots and like them, but not love them. This shot however takes it to another level with the reflections and of course your daughters character. Very well done.

comment by Alistair Parker at 12:23 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

I just love this image, your doughter is so photogenic and your technique spot on, high key is so effective particularly with the reflections, that is a bonus,. What is abit of noise between friends. I thought you used noise removal software? Did that not work?

David Re:emulsion transfer I have posted an image this evening which may be of interest.

comment by Steve at 03:12 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Wow, she is so photogenic, and her different moods really add to the overall feeling.

She's lucky to have a dad like you. When she's older, I think she'll appreciate all of the shots you take of her very much.

comment by Eric at 05:56 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Beautiful photo, almost like reading over a period of time.

comment by Jeet at 06:17 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

great idea.. and good photos.. :)

comment by Mohammed Adenwala at 06:19 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Quadruplets! Awesome! :)

comment by doreen at 07:21 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

i love it! harmony makes such a great subject

comment by John Zeweniuk at 07:21 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

wow! you must be a perfectionist! From what I can see, this is technically wonderful. A great concept and superbly executed. She is an adorable subject and I really like how this turned out. Beautiful.

comment by peter at 07:35 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

At this size there is nothing to complain about technically, and as a family snap I bet the emotional value far outweighs any technical considerations. This is the kind of thing that makes grandparents really happy.

comment by CurlyToes at 08:36 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Clearly well thought out before hand to make sure those reflections would be whole and not chop her head off. I love the high-key-ness and her expression on the left-most photo is priceless.

comment by thomas at 09:30 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

great idea and i like her expressions very much. very good work.

comment by navin harish at 11:05 AM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

I like the one on the right the most. Overall a very nice shot and nice concept to have four pics presented as one.

comment by Doug at 12:06 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006


comment by Andy Schonfelder at 01:27 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Like a documentary of a photo shoot. She starts out keen and slightly nervous and goes through confident to end up board and a bit bolshy. Like it a lot, reminds me of every time I've shot a set up portrait. Harking back to the HDRs. I don't really like the straight colour versions, they just look odd, but the two toned and the final shot have worked very well. I've played around with this feature since I got CS2 and never really been happy with the results, perhaps you're right and going too far into the shadows is my problem (I usually shoot a seven stop range). However, I've just tried re-doing a couple, manually combining the exposures in PS, with much better results.

comment by spleen at 02:28 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

beautyful! it's emotional and "mystic" like the pictures I would like to take!
how did you worked on the reflections? the ones on the last two shots seem very real, like if it was just one shot.
thank you if you answer to me. I'm not a photographer, but I just begun to take some "artistic" shots with a very very cheap digital camera, hoping they're better than my english:)! ...maybe one day they should good as yours:)!

comment by Eric Rudd at 03:36 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Pardon my ignorance everyone, but is this shot constructed in PS? I've heard of people using double exposures for effect within the camera. But 4?


comment by Mary at 03:39 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

All of your children are both beautiful and lucky. They may not realize it now, but their lives are being documented and (may I add...) quite wonderfully! I love the photo and thank you for sharing your family's pictures with us!

comment by Craig Wilson at 03:59 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Love the shot and the way the image is set up.

comment by John at 04:00 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

I dont understand how you did this? did you cut them out in athe pics and add them as different layers in photoshop? how is she in four places but in one pic?

comment by Ben at 04:07 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Very nicely done. I love how her expressions and body language vary, and I think that doing one of these for each of your children would be a wonderful idea!

I also agree with Mary - your kids have a real privilige, having such a great photographer as a father. I'm sure that, later on, they will treasure every photo that you have taken of them, and probably have a lot of fun looking back through your archives! :-P

Best regards, and keep shooting! :)

comment by Roy at 04:57 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

It's still technically quite weak... - I'm glad you're not my tutor...talk about demanding :-)

comment by Jem at 05:10 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Arn't you a lucky pops - she's so gorgeous :)
Looks like she probably gets away with murder too ;)

comment by Hennie at 05:27 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

I think this is amazing! What a fabulous photo.

comment by sach1tb at 08:18 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

beautiful!! I am going to try this too... but I don't have such a sweet model :(

comment by djn1 at 08:52 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by Ash at 10:27 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

great shot! if the quality isn't there i can't tell.....love the idea though.......

comment by Emma at 12:24 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2006

Your daughter is so photogenic! This shot is very cute and sweet. Awesome! :)

comment by andytye.com at 08:31 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2006

Great shot (s)... Like this a lot, it's intriguing...

comment by Paul Woolrich at 05:00 PM (GMT) on 22 August, 2006

This is a really great composition the reflection on the table is especially nice. The style of this shot is a lot like Rebekka's shots from FlickR.

comment by john at 07:38 PM (GMT) on 22 August, 2006

thanks for the answer DJN

comment by RensNL at 08:39 PM (GMT) on 22 August, 2006

Great photo!, nice composition, great subject and wonderfull reflection!!

comment by m at 05:52 PM (GMT) on 26 August, 2006

H deserves more comments than that bloody frog!

comment by rowell at 06:40 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2006

wow nice shot. how did you do this effect. in photoshop i believe but ive always wanted to do a shot like this

comment by picturegrl at 02:24 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2006

Wow, this is very nice. My favoreite of yours in a long time.

comment by Vlad at 11:16 PM (GMT) on 14 December, 2006

Great idea! love the reflections.