things evolve / 25 March, 2006 [click for previous image: back doors]
things evolve / 25 March, 2006 [click for next image: buzz off]
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Title • things evolve

You wont be surprised to hear that this shot started out looking a little different to this version. Here's the original:


As you can see, it's a reasonable shot, and I did intend to post it: admittedly, more for its architectural interest than its worth as a piece of art, but I did think it was ok.

But I was looking at John's shot from yesterday, where he'd used Photoshop's Wave filter to create an abstract shot from a series of CD covers, and really liked the result. It has a beautifully organic feel to it, it's vibrant, and so on.

So, I wondered how it would turn out on a shot that was inherently more geometric; i.e. one with strong clear lines in the first place (I'm assuming that John's original was a less clearly defined shot than mine). Anyway, the net result is this one.

And yep, I am jumping on the bandwagon; yep, it's not a photograph despite me calling this a photoblog; and yep, you're quite free not to like it ;-) Personally, I think it works (as an abstract image) and especially like the way the venetian blinds swirl around the bottom of the image. Oh, and I probably should mention that I inverted the original after applying the wave filter.

Anyway, as always, let me know what you think.

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