the geometry of waste (b) / 5 July, 2004 [click for previous image: the geometry of waste (a)]
the geometry of waste (b) / 5 July, 2004 [click for next image: feathered friends]
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Title • the geometry of waste (b)

I know that I got some good comments on my last two shots but I wasn't all that happy with either of them, but I am happy with this one. As I mentioned yesterday this is our local waste disposal/recycling centre and it was built around a year ago. The previous building on this site, while functional, lacked any sense of style or attention to detail, in fact it was downright ugly. This one was clearly designed with aesthetics in mind, and there are probably a few more shots I could take if I get time before we move.

As for this image: it's a relatively straightforward shot, converted to black and white using the channel mixer to extract the red channel (hence the dramatic sky), then moderately colourised. The only thing I'm not pleased with is that I would have liked a bit more clarity on the upper area of the building to the left. As it stands this area of the shot is almost completely unsharpened as all my attempts introduced obvious moiré patterns into this area of the image. Other than that though I'm pleased with this one.

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