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I know that I got some good comments on my last two shots but I wasn't all that happy with either of them, but I am happy with this one. As I mentioned yesterday this is our local waste disposal/recycling centre and it was built around a year ago. The previous building on this site, while functional, lacked any sense of style or attention to detail, in fact it was downright ugly. This one was clearly designed with aesthetics in mind, and there are probably a few more shots I could take if I get time before we move.

As for this image: it's a relatively straightforward shot, converted to black and white using the channel mixer to extract the red channel (hence the dramatic sky), then moderately colourised. The only thing I'm not pleased with is that I would have liked a bit more clarity on the upper area of the building to the left. As it stands this area of the shot is almost completely unsharpened as all my attempts introduced obvious moiré patterns into this area of the image. Other than that though I'm pleased with this one.

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Canon G5
3.54pm on 2/7/04
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comment by Ali at 11:57 PM (GMT) on 4 July, 2004

The shot is excellent but the alterations you've done on the colour has made it even stronger. I see that in both of your pictures, circular shapes play an important role in the whole feeling of the structure, if you take away that circle on the right, the structure loses half of its attractiveness.

comment by Bob at 01:51 AM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

Wow! ... the sky is fantastic -- love the black and white conversion... well done...

comment by Kayleigh at 05:18 AM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

Everything about this photo stands out. Love it.

comment by Christina at 05:22 AM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

Stunning - I love the contrast of the puffy clouds with the straight lines of the building.

comment by RainKing at 10:43 AM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

I like it a lot, not only because of the pic, but also the combination of this one and the previous one. I like how they have the circular thing in common yet in very different places.

comment by darragh at 01:58 PM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

lovely photo.. must give that b&w conversion technique a go sometime

comment by john at 03:25 PM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

I like the composition here. Looks like a really interesting building...

You should try and take a shot of it at night!

comment by djn1 at 07:51 PM (GMT) on 5 July, 2004

john: unfortunately the Canon G5 is terrible in low light - the sensor produces an unworkably noisy image - so I wont be able to take any night shots. It's a good idea though, and I imagine it might well be quite spectacular.

comment by btezra at 01:02 PM (GMT) on 6 July, 2004

~strong graphic presentation~

comment by Andrea at 02:29 PM (GMT) on 6 July, 2004

Wow! Absolutely awesome! For being a recycling center, it's a pretty cool building! And nice work on the color extracting!

comment by HD at 09:33 AM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

great shot, I really love it!


comment by tilnox at 04:22 PM (GMT) on 9 July, 2004

is that sky for real?!
it looks amazing with the building.. even if you added the sky later it looks great :)

comment by djn1 at 06:35 PM (GMT) on 11 July, 2004

tilnox: yes, the sky (other than being converted to b/w as described above) is as-shot.