easy_street / 6 September, 2003 [click for previous image: patterned and patterning]
easy_street / 6 September, 2003 [click for next image: dahlia (square)]
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Title • easy_street

I took this picture when I attended the International Conference of Critical Psychology in August. The picture was taken in the foyer of the Assembly Rooms as we waited to get to the bar. I suppose, technically, that it would have helped if I’d remembered to change the white balance before taking the picture but I quite like how it’s turned out.

The only post-processing that’s been done to this picture is some slight sharpening, an increase in the overall saturation, and a slight adjustment to the sky colour visible through the window – in the original this was a little washed out. I did try to edit out the colour-fringing around the lights but I couldn’t manage to do it without totally wrecking the image.

I guess the purpose of this image was to capture some of the opulence of the Assembly Rooms and if you follow the link, and look at some of the pictures, you’ll see that they’re liberally strewn with such chandeliers. I guess they might be made out of plastic, but if they are (I suspect they’re not) they look impressive nonetheless.

capture date
shutter speed
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image quality
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Fujifilm FinePix 40i
6.46pm on 30/8/03
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