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The inspiration for this shot was this one taken by John, and it goes to show that even in the place where you live there are things that you walk by without noticing that someone else will see as a photograph. In other words, I've lived in Blackpool for a little over a year, but until I saw John's shot I didn't think to stop and photography these deckchairs.

9.38am on 5/8/05

Canon 20D

EF 17-40 f/4L USM

28mm (45mm equiv.)



aperture priority






C1 Pro

perspective corrected

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter

3x2 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by kevin at 08:40 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

Ah, that's where I saw them! I realize that it's partially the lens, partially the camera- but john, you make the clearest, most vivid digital photographs I have ever seen. Thank you for giving us the daily capture.

One thing i really like about this capture- the top part of the railing is lined up perfectly with the horizon- nice touch :)

comment by Niko at 08:41 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

Great shot... It's very fun to show two photos of the same thing from two different photographer. Nice.

comment by GP at 09:20 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

I love it! :-)

comment by Emma at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

As usual - great compostion, clarity and tones! What I particularly like about this shot is the fact that it is a seaside image, but taken at dusk (I assume) it conveys a completely different mood to a daytime shot. Good stuff :o)

comment by Mystery Me at 09:34 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

I nice simple image with beautiful colours. Love the clouds.

comment by Stuart at 09:50 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

The link goes to the incorrect image I think


Nice image!

comment by Joe Lencioni at 10:10 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

Brilliant. Wonderful sky. Polarizer, I assume?

I didn't see filters in your equipment list, so I wasn't sure which one you use. I am in the market for a polarizer and was wondering if there was a brand in particular that you might recommend. I am thinking about the Heliopan circular polarizer (slim version). What do you use?

comment by kikko77 at 10:47 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

very nice again.

I can hear them saying "don't push, don't push... let me in" :)

comment by Smallest Photo at 10:48 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2005

I thought I had seen this before! It's a great subject and as you say does prove that even when we think there's nothing to shoot, we're just not looking hard enough.

comment by Mike at 12:32 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

You always manage to get the best skies, David. This is beautiful. The light string near the top really makes it for me.

comment by iblitz at 12:39 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

A very beautiful composition. Well framed and saturated colors.

comment by M. Dohoney at 01:28 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

A basic question, if you have time: What does 'perspective corrected' mean?

Thanks for sharing, and the chance to learn. Your postings and others comments are inspiring!

comment by Brian at 02:43 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

-insert my usual complimentary comment here- :)

comment by hiba at 03:10 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

the sky is gorgeous here...
the tent is so random--makes an awesome composition!
i love the uniqueness of your photography :-)

comment by Ed at 03:52 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

Great shot! I love the stripes of the chairs and B C D G printed on the cover.

comment by Becca at 04:34 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

this is a truly brilliant photo ...

comment by Anthony DiSante at 06:41 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

Wow, all these rave reviews, I feel like I must be looking at a different photo because I don't like this one. The tarp-covered chair lump is a messy eyesore to me.

comment by James Lomax at 10:04 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005


I was about to say I liked the composition - except for the wires at the top, which I find an unnecessary distraction.

Then I read 'messy eyesore', and like that picture where you see either an old grizzled lady or a beautiful young woman.....or switch between the two, if you learn how to it......the impact of the picture changed for me.

I like stripey, deck-chairey, promenadey shots - beach huts as well - and I'm now trying to recover my initial perception!

comment by Parnil at 11:47 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

I have just realized that for past more than a two month every morning I am waking up to see your photograph. It gives me immense pleasure to see your photograph and experience your photography. I always enjoyed paintings, when I came to Edinburgh a year ago to do my M.Sc, first thing I did was to visit exhibition of paintings, now I also look for exhibition of photography.

comment by [cz] at 02:07 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

very nice

comment by vivia at 03:09 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

hey david. i love this picture. it's so crisp and really shows the end of the summer... which some people believe is there now. in germany the weather is supposed to be cold, i don't know, because i am sitting here in dallas for one year.
anyway, i love the picture and how you divided it in parts. the colors are great, i love the chair that is the same color as the blanket thingy above it.

comment by paul at 03:36 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

two intresting shots and comparisons of the same subject. great shot dave

comment by djn1 at 04:09 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

Thanks everyone.

Emma: this was taken at twenty to ten in the morning, but I know what you mean about the feel of the light.

Joe: I use a B&W circular polarizer.

M. Dohoney: 'perspective corrected', in this instance, means that I expanded the top of the image to account for the lens distortion at this focal length. Normally I wouldn't bother altering it with a shot like this but the top of a lamppost was protuding into the top-left corner of the image.

Anthony: I guess that one person's eyesore is another person's photographic subject ;-)

comment by erik at 04:14 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

i love your seaside scenes! or eyesores.... great colors. nice combination of all cheerful happy holiday looks and not a living soul in sight... also having weather that's not entirely up to beach parties?

my photoblog = http://eti-eti.blogspot.com

comment by John Washington at 04:26 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

Nice shot Dave. I also like the light bulbs and wires which seem to nicely echo the rope on the sheeting.

comment by owen at 08:46 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

I liked John's version and I like this one a lot too. Great work - both of you!

comment by Judith Polakoff at 11:27 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

I LOVED John's version, and this one is pretty cool too. There's something about the color combinations that's just gorgeous, and I like the addition in this version of the string of lights hanging into the frame.

comment by Enric at 12:12 AM (GMT) on 8 August, 2005

Always impressed by the saturation of your colors... really really impressed. I want that colors too :)

comment by Juliana (from Brazil) at 05:41 PM (GMT) on 8 August, 2005

Very nice picture and words that you wrote. Some times things and time passes us by without you notice them, although if you see it in a different perspective it will give you a totaly different message.

comment by Amy at 09:05 PM (GMT) on 8 August, 2005

I thought this photo looked familiar

comment by Mike at 09:50 PM (GMT) on 9 August, 2005

You always get the best looking skies in your photos. Nice work!

comment by djn1 at 09:41 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2005

Thanks everyone.

Dana: ok, it's up now.

Mikelangelo: about an hour and a half for yesterday's, maybe 15 minutes for this one.

Corey: I agree, some of the points I made clearly don't apply to photojournalism.

Chad: I'd love to visit somewhere where the light was a little more vivid than the UK. One day, maybe.

quinten: yes, I have a polariser and it is invaluable.

Andy: good luck.

Edouard: what sand?

comment by zack-3m at 05:22 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2005

Wow. This shot it's perfect for FERRAGOSTO.

*I'm sorry, I've link this photo.