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In some ways this shot, or collage, was an accident. As with my previous shot of one of Company Fierce's dancers, I had intended that at least one of these would be a standalone shot. But, for one reason or another – composition, focus, pose, etc – I wasn't entirely happy with any of them. So, this is the result, and in many ways I definitely think that the sum is greater than the parts. And as far as post-processing goes this was relatively straightforward. I added each image as a new layer and set the opacity of the top three to around 50%. I also repositioned the woman in a couple of them to fit them all in the frame. There was also some minor blurring here and there as some of the overlaps were a bit too distracting. As there are four shots combined I haven't put up the EXIF data but they were all pretty similar: 1/400 shutter speed (or thereabouts), f/5.6, approx. 200mm focal length, and fill flash.
3x2 + people [portraiture] + digital art
comment by michaela a. at 08:54 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

Wow -- very interesting! I love it that you must take a deeper look to really grasp what is going on... Did you intend to change her eye color with each one?

comment by djn1 at 08:59 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

michaela: the changes in eye colour weren't intentional – as you overlay one layer with another the colours shift – and I did think about changing them, but decided I liked it this way.

comment by Param at 08:59 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

Once again, nicely done!

On another note...how good is Capture One Pro (vis-a-vis the Canon default software that ships with the 20D)?


comment by andrew at 09:24 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

I really like this composition. The hair makes for wonderful movement. Not to mention she's beautiful.

comment by matt at 09:35 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

I really like this. From my perspective, telling a story with the photo is top priority, and this frame is so filled with motion, expression, conflict, and resolution, I have to say it is a story all unto itself. Fabulous.

comment by mark [markmyshots] at 09:44 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

This easily is one of my favorite shots on your site (of all time).

Great job on combiing all shots. I can just imagine how much of the overlaped parts looked distracting and had to be fixed.

comment by luke at 09:45 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

do you think you can present this as a photo? What I mean to say is if what you are presenting as a photo is actually impossible to take in one frame (multi-frame exposures don't use blurring and would struggle massivly to be as visually pleasing) can this collage be deemed a photo rather than a piece of digital art?

comment by matt at 10:08 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

On some level, the second you alter contrast or levels in PS you have made any photo digital art. I think the collage is pretty cool.

comment by ps at 10:18 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

hmmm, what should i say? nice star... on her finger :P

comment by Karl at 10:51 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

I like this image - well designed and executed. Only the far left head and shoulders seems a little high. You must not have been very far away from the dancers, to get such a close-up feel. Were you front row? Did you stabilize the camera, with a tripod or anything else?

comment by m at 10:56 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

very slick

comment by djn1 at 10:58 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

Param: I prefer C1 Pro because I think it produces images with less noise and better shadow detail. I also like the way it handles white-balance. Where it's especially useful though is in terms of batch processing a set of images to the same paramaters.

mark: the images fitted together quite well so I didn't need to blur too many of the overlaps.

luke: this image could have been acheived in a darkroom, albeit with a bit more effort, but irrespective of that I'm not too bothered if you call it digital art rather than a photograph.

Karl: this was an open-air festival so there weren't any seats. And no, these were handheld.

m: ta :-)

comment by Joe Lencioni at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

Cool picture. I think that you captured a set of good expressions. She looks like a completely different person in each of the four shots. It's very cool and it reminds me of a couple photographers (whose names elude me right now) who do parody work of other photographs and works of art with themselves as the subject, dressed like these other pieces of art. I just wish I could remember who they are...

Anyways, her eyes look blue in the two on the right, but in the second from the left they look a little bit green--it probably has to do with the yellow of her hair mixing with the blue. Generally, I don't like collages like this too much, but you did it well. This comment is way too long.

comment by Smallest Photo at 11:15 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2005

Great effect. Very strong result.

comment by Ashi at 12:31 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I'm not sure how often I visit your site and say - "Wow" ... all I can say is that is often enough my current artistic goal is to just once capture pictures which evoke the same response from viewers.

Since someone else brought up RAW processing tools - what (if any) opinion do you have about C1 versus Pixmantec RawShooter?

Once again - Wow wow wow.

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 01:04 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I like this... probably for REALLY different reasons, though :-p

comment by pfong at 02:01 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Bravo. Great composite and a creative way to turn a less than perfect photo into a work of art.

comment by Mick - Sydney, Australia at 02:18 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I like it !!

I love your site, theres always something to inspire me (although mine never turn out half as good as your shots)

PS - She's hot !, give her my number 555-5555 ;)

comment by Magnus von Koeller at 02:20 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I just love this shot / collage / piece of digital art, whatever -- I really don't think it matters how you call it or whether you could have achieved this in the darkroom or not. It's hard to say why -- maybe it's that there is so much movement and action for one photo -- but I love this shot. It's definitely one of your best.

comment by SteveO at 02:36 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I like this shot, i thought at first that you had used the strobe feature on the 580ex as this can give simiar results, however these shots look too different for that. Still cool though.

comment by Mami at 05:08 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I really like the paleness of it. Would look good in black and white too, I think. I enjoy the portraits (like this one, with movement), don't particularly like the close-up, in your face pics though . . .

comment by Anthony DiSante at 05:51 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

It's one thing to take great photos sometimes, or a lot of the time. But you capture so many different _kinds_ of great photos, and then you also do creative things like this which also turn out amazing. You are quite talented at your craft. This one in particular could (and should) be an advertisement for this dancer / dance group.

comment by Simon C at 07:14 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Imaginative and effective. I think you are right, the sum is most certainly greater than the parts.

comment by richy at 07:25 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Nice shot(s). I like the movement very much, somehow different than your other photographs, much more static.
And what to say about this Addidas logo.... buying Reebok so that makes my day.

comment by JHO at 08:40 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Good shot- would also love to see i full body shot with the full movement- blurring the arms and the legs

comment by aashish at 09:07 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

for a moment i thought.. this is a long exposure shot.. where the woman moved into different poses for abt 5 seconds each.. hmm.. now that i think of it.. i'll try it myself sometime!

comment by fresh at 09:50 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Hi! This is very nice shot!!

comment by Mike at 02:05 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005


This is really eye-catching and a great montage. Again, very different for Chromasia, but definitely on par with your standards for excellence. Nicely done! I wonder for these shots of performers you have, does it bother them that you are using a fill flash while they are performing? Indeed, most theaters and stages would I think prohibit the use of flash...

comment by garyx at 02:06 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Very innovative and stimulating - a cracking piece of work.

comment by Ader Gotardo at 02:18 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Well, the major people here like this work. I have to say I don't. But a have non tecnical subjetics to point what I dislike in this photo. I have also to disapoint Luke who said that this type of photo its impossible to make in one only single frame without photoshop skills! Its possible. Yes! If you use a stroboscope light and a few tryings of expousers and aperture its possible to do. Here an exemple: http://www.fotosalada.com.br/fotos/n_florido.jpg

comment by Tom B at 02:38 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

David, I still visit your site daily and continue to enjoy seeing the images that you post. Thank-you.

comment by Yit Weng at 04:41 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Hey David,

How do you archieve the saturation tone of your model's photo? Mind sharing your digital secrets?


comment by amh at 04:53 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

That is a great stillMovie ;-)

You don't know what a stillMovie is? look on my website.

comment by Carlos at 06:58 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Wow, really i like this image

comment by Jenny at 08:16 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

you never cease to amaze everyone

comment by bitterly-sweet at 08:19 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

wow! it is really a very amazing composition!
Bravo, and i love it!

comment by John Washington at 08:52 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Very Good David

comment by Ader Gotardo at 09:05 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Shame on you, David... You Flip Horizontal the last layer on right! Now I found what I dislike in this some kind of digital capture with photoshop skills!

comment by mark [markmyshots] at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

David, did you use flash on each shot? If so, how did you manage the 1/400 shutter speed with the 20D? Did you hack the flash connection?

comment by SJ at 09:12 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

That's really nicely done. I hope you send her a copy.

comment by dcr at 09:46 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

I like the various facial expressions in this shot. You can really get a sense for the movement and action taking place here. Just wondering how many total shots you had to choose from to create this collage.

comment by kikko77 at 10:53 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

as if I saw four different women

funny how different people may seem when looked through a camera. I mean differrent from themselves. Moments...count.

comment by djn1 at 11:16 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2005

Thanks everyone. And my apologies for not answering the couple of questions on this entry but I've totally run out of time today.

comment by Lancelot at 09:49 PM (GMT) on 7 August, 2005

I love this !

comment by Eric Hancock at 02:27 AM (GMT) on 8 August, 2005

Excellent image!

comment by Notnad at 02:00 AM (GMT) on 15 August, 2005

I return to look at this picture again and again. Her beauty combines with the range of expressions on her face to make a captivating photo.

comment by Paula at 03:02 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2005

Wow.. fantastic picture.. You inspired me..
Nice work :)

comment by Sue at 01:45 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2006

I love the way you set things up. I can SEE the story. WOW.
But i'd have to say the blending could use a little work IMHO.

comment by zanzue at 09:05 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2006

good job !!!

comment by Suby at 02:20 PM (GMT) on 23 March, 2006

Love this image, blending works perfectly well for me. Good shot.