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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't imagine that this shot will attract quite so many comments as yesterday's entry. Which is fine by me – it's going to take me weeks to reply to them all ;-)

As for this shot: regular visitors will know that I have a thing about reflections, and I thought that this one would make for an interesting shot. It's a light on the inside wall of Blackpool's South Shore promenade, taken about 20 yards away from yesterday's image. What I normally do with shots such as these is frame them then watch the world go by in the reflected surface – waiting for someone or something interesting to cross the frame. Initially I was watching the traffic go by but my daughter (the one in this shot) wandered through the scene. And of the ten or so shots that I took this is by far and away the most appealing.

Anyway, as always, I'd be interested in your thoughts. And I won't mind too much if I don't get quite so many comments on this one :-)

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
4.47pm on 4/8/04
aperture priority
4x3 + people [portraiture]
comment by Tristan at 12:28 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

Wow. Cool shot. I love the dark background and then the yellowish light. It's not the most complex shot, but nice all the same!

comment by Urbanite at 12:36 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

I would seriously love to go on a photo outing with you just to see how you manage it ! Mind you I bet you don't have a gaggle of boisterous children under the age of 8 with you !

comment by Urbanite at 12:39 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

er, for some reason half my comment was left off ! Anyway the rest said 'Mind you, i bet you don't have a gaggle of boisterous children under the age of 8 tagging along !"
Very strange.
I like the photo btw, simple yet effective.

comment by myla at 02:16 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

Oh it's your daughter? That makes the shot that much more wonderful. I'd love to see this in high contrast b/w -- or sepia. Even in color it almost looks like a painting, or a photo taken a very long time ago. Dreamlike even.

comment by Weasel at 02:42 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

THAT is one HELLACIOUSLY wonderful shot. May I buy a print? Seriously. I love it that much. Wow.

comment by Jason D- at 03:15 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

I actually prefer this shot over yesterdays. I didn't actually care for yesterdays very much. There was a balance problem with it which is unsettling and I think that it didn't quite cut it for me. It had a lot of potential but I think that the composition was flawed. The sky was beautiful and so was the sea and the boardwalk but the tea party wasn't highlighted enough and it was an issue of a little of each and not enough of each. There were 3 competing items that are competing for your attention and none really grabs it. It's pretty for sure but I don't think it's one of your best.

Todays shot I think is a stunner even though a little texture in the dark areas would have added a little bit of balance it still is a very successful image. Cheers!

comment by tristan (liminality) at 04:11 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

Eerily beautiful shot here. I enjoy the way the framed reflection creates combatting reactions for me as a viewer. The circle (and the darkness that surrounds it) creates an obvious valency toward the reflection, and yet the reflection itself leaves me with feelings of complexity and mystery. I want to thank you for sharing your eye with all of us in the photoblogging community. I'm just getting started at this, but you have certainly been, and continue to be, an inspiration. all best wishes.

comment by Tom B at 05:06 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

Super Shot. I like the scratches in the reflection. Curious as to how much processing was done to darken the surrounding area. There is something about this shot that really strikes me but I just can't put my finger on it. I will have to take a look again tomorrow and see if a good nights sleep gives me a bit better insight.

comment by Kris at 05:42 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

I like the creepy feeling of this picture.

Reminds me of soemthing that should be in a scary movie, ro on 99rooms.com

comment by Emily at 06:36 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

this is great. you waited for the right person to walk by. very mysterious.

comment by Carlo at 09:24 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

Fabulous shot, to me what really does it is the texture of the 'window'. My first feeling is of claustrophobia, someone trapped in a dark and horrible place looking out at the world passing by. Wonderful.

comment by Ray at 10:07 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

A small window into another world. Nicely placed in the frame. Sublime. :)

comment by matto at 12:22 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

this group of vacation shots (blackpool?) is really great, should be in a book. you capture the whimsical, dreamlike, anachronistic quality that is so unique to seaside resorts. beautiful dave!

comment by RainKing at 12:38 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

The lighting and the tones are what I really like about this one. Personally I feel the bottom part is a bit too dark, as it makes the item sort of incomplete, and it's a tad distracting. It's very appealing nonetheless.

comment by lumen at 01:04 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

For some reason this makes me think of the Titanic - let me explain before you laugh, lol. The light looks like a porthole, and it weathered and flawed (as you might imagine a sunken ships portholes might be) and the little girl reminds me of all the innocents who died aboard that ship, so it makes this image a bit haunting of a narrative.

Funny how people make up these stories after looking at a single still sometimes eh?

comment by Zero at 04:56 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

The haunting atmosphere is what draws me to this picture. It makes me feel cold. And alone...

comment by 'daisies at 05:56 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

I love the contrasting moods of this one ... the darkness, the golden hues, the scratched reflection ... dark and light evoking senses ... very appealing!

comment by Jeremy at 07:04 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

Great color inside the reflection... for me the outside is too black, and some texture would have been nice. It's disorienting having the reflection 'tilt' away from the eye, and to have nothing around it to put it in perspective

comment by Sparky at 07:19 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

AMAZING! I love this shot! Bravo!

comment by twb at 07:31 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2004

I love this. What works for me are the colors (the slight lavendar tone of the frame and the greens and yellows within the reflection) as well as the texture of the reflection which gives it an impressionist feeling. Well done!

comment by djn1 at 01:06 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

Thanks everyone. As for the background: there were two elements, both of which were naturally way under-exposed – some moth-eaten grass, and a dirty concrete wall, neither of which were worth including. I do agree though that their absence is disorienting, it's just that they really didn't add anything to this shot.

comment by Maxine at 01:47 AM (GMT) on 13 August, 2004

I just love it to pieces! There is something nostalgic in that shot but I cannot explain what or why. Beautiful!