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This is one of quite a few shots I've taken in the world's largest mirror ball (20' diameter), and there were three of four that I liked, some showing more of the actual structure of the ball itself, but I think this was the most effective.

Update: I'm really pleased to be guest posting today at Marmalade Chainsaw and have posted a companion shot to this one – one that does include my reflection :-)

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
4.35pm on 4/8/04
aperture priority
4x3 + fylde coast
comment by anson at 01:33 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

This is impressive if just for the fact you managed to avoid yourself being reflected in the mirrors!

comment by Alison at 02:15 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

You know what I don't get? I took a shot very similar to this at the 'Life' building at Disney. Same, reflective boxes. Yet your shot is remarkably better. How -do- you do it? Or maybe the question is... how, don't... I do it?
Ahem, anyway, I like this a lot.

comment by tanner at 03:37 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

i like the fact that you can see a wheel in one mirror, and then nothing remotely close to a car in the mirror next to it.

beautiful shot.

comment by p23e at 05:04 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004


comment by Jasper at 06:31 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

Very nice!
You did a good job in not showing yourself in one of the mirrors :) (or am i not looking good enough..).

comment by jack at 10:03 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

i like the guest photo more. the wider shot makes it more... um, coherant? but still with the weird effect of the mirrors. still, they are two very cool pictures, nice one.

comment by RainKing at 10:14 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

What's really striking is the thought of the size of the disco they will need to put the ball in... ;-)

What I like is that it looks like a collage, and I guess the mirrors are not very well placed by looking at the reflections, because some squares show a totally different thing than the one beside. But that's a nice effect and it works for the pic.

comment by Jules at 11:47 AM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

Very well spotted and interesting shot, congrats... I love it !

comment by Katy at 04:18 PM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

This photo would be great to hang on the wall - as my photography teacher would say, "You'll notice something new about it each time you walk by." It has a collage like feeling, but is all the more interesting because it's not a collage. I love the broken mirrors.

comment by • eMarquetti • at 04:25 PM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

I can´t see ehere are u here at this shot! ;-)

comment by Seth Thomas Rasmussen at 04:58 PM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004


comment by kane at 06:27 PM (GMT) on 12 August, 2004

I'm not one to build puzzles, but I imagine this shot would be a heck of a jigsaw to build. Interesting photo.

comment by Sandra Rocha at 02:31 AM (GMT) on 13 August, 2004

LOL now thats a "'deconstructing' exercise" if I saw one ;-D

comment by myla at 07:01 AM (GMT) on 13 August, 2004

I would have to say that I like the one you posted at Ninds' site best; but this is pretty interesting; I tried a similar shot when I was in L.A. but the mirror ball was only about 8" in diameter (so not the same!)

comment by djn1 at 11:07 AM (GMT) on 13 August, 2004

Thanks everyone :-)

comment by john at 03:59 PM (GMT) on 13 August, 2004

wild... lots of possibilities with this thing!

comment by east3rd at 09:47 PM (GMT) on 13 August, 2004

Very nice photo. Wonderful colors. I prefer this one over the guest photo. Congrats!