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I went for a stroll around Blackpool's South Shore on Wednesday – down near the South Pier and the Pleasure Beach – and ended up with around six shots that are worth putting up; of which this is one. Interestingly five of the six involve reflections of one sort or another. And I don't know why, but sometimes when I go out shooting I come back with nothing (despite thinking the shots will be ok) and at other times I'm end up with half a dozen decent shots.

As for this shot: it was slightly cropped and rotated a lot, and the figure on the left is my oldest daughter who's staying with us for part of the summer.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
5.34pm on 4/8/04
aperture priority
4x3 + fylde coast [scenic] + people
comment by Houser at 11:10 AM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Nice reversal. Adds a certian surrealness to what appears to be the reality - ya know, sort of like life itself.

comment by Henry at 11:38 AM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Very creative shot Dave! Took me a while to figure it out before reading your blog on it. I know what you mean by getting a lot of shots thinking that you can use them but later finding out that all of them aren't what you expected them to be. Then at times, you get a bunch that you can use. It happened to me about two times in the last few weeks.

comment by Kjetil at 01:25 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Very nice shot David. Really cool reflection.

Have the same "problem" with the shooting stuff. Sometimes you can be really lucky, and end up with several good photos, other times, nothing is just right..
But we live on, don't we?

comment by Robin at 01:38 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Interesting shot.

I like the way that the pin-sharp reflection contrasts with the softness of the main image. In fact, it looks to me like there is some vertical camera shake in the main image (see the R of 'PRO' on the building) but not in the reflection which doesn't really make sense (especially at 1/640sec). Not to get hung up on technicalities or anything - it just adds something to the image.

comment by Robin at 01:40 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Ok - so now you're going to tell me that the top half is the reflection :-)

comment by djn1 at 02:22 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Robln: no, I'm not going to mention it ;-)

comment by Robin at 02:40 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Slap slap slap.

If you read my first comment you can actually hear my brain ticking over followed by an audible 'clunk' in the second comment. I guess that is the effect that you were hoping for. As an added bonus you've got the effect immortalised in the comment trail for this image.

Now, where's that 'delete comment' button...

comment by Tristan at 03:10 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Hahaha, great shot. It took me a little time and a bunch of neck strain to figure it out...At first I was like, "WOW! That reflection is so clear!" Then, "Wait a second..." Then after reading that you had to do a lot of rotating, well, that confirmed it.

Great fun!

comment by Seth Thomas Rasmussen at 06:27 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Wonderful! :thumbsup:

comment by John Washington at 08:27 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

Dave, my wife looked at this and simply said 'smart arse' it got her going for a second

brill picture love it. for gods sake put something rubbish up and give us all a break

comment by myla at 09:23 PM (GMT) on 6 August, 2004

This is great -- and I find it interesting that there's so much more to see in the bottom half -- that you don't see in the top half (and vice versa) -- very inspiring -- I'm going to have to go and find a puddle now =)

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 07:08 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2004

You have a great eye for creative shots and compositions. Just great as always.

comment by djn1 at 08:25 AM (GMT) on 7 August, 2004

Thanks everyone :-)

comment by toma at 06:47 PM (GMT) on 16 November, 2004

Yup, that's a beauty! It can really mess with your mind if you try to think about it too much... Nice!