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I took this on Saturday outside the house where my last two shots were taken. It’s the first of two shots (of which I prefer the other which I’ll post tomorrow) of an old wall mounted lamp. It’s clearly seen better days and, judging by the state of the filament, I don’t imagine that it works all that well at the moment :-)

This shot, and tomorrow’s, were both much as they’ll appear here; i.e. there wasn’t too much that needed to be done to them other than a basic Curves adjustment and an increase in saturation. What I particularly like about both these shots is the rich, warm evening colours. While such lighting can be emulated in Photoshop, somehow that isn’t quite the same and it’s much more rewarding to take a straight shot of something that’s inherently beautiful than to generate a contrived version of the same look and feel.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
6.58pm on 15/5/04
aperture priority
4x3 + macro
comment by andy at 11:52 PM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

I really like the 'grunge' look to this. Great shot.

comment by Jules at 12:00 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Absolute perfect shot, I really love it ! Well spotted, good contrats and colors, congrats: it's my favorite on your photologs ! (Ho, and this photo is easy to understand (Private joke ;))

comment by Raj at 12:13 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Absolutely wonderful shot...and gorgeous colors

comment by Joe Holmes at 12:26 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

The dirty glass makes for a wonderful, natural graininess on top of the warm colors. I really like the instantly-recognizable lightbulb over the abstractish background.


comment by twb at 12:29 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

My first reaction when this photo popped up on my browser was "oooooh". I really like this. And I know what you mean about taking a "straight shot of something that’s inherently beautiful". It's so satisfying to know that the use of PS isn't necessary to improve on the original - it's perfect just as it is.

comment by karen at 01:12 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

beautiful shot. I like the dirt and the saturated colors. I thinj the blue and the orange gives a great mood to the shot.

comment by squeak at 02:53 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004


comment by Tom B at 03:50 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Very nice Dave. I really like the texture and grainy feel of this shot. Fantastic catch. I look forward to your post tomorrow.

comment by btezra at 04:07 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

~color & contrast.


comment by myla at 05:11 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

One of your best to date.

comment by balth at 05:53 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Wow. Beautiful.

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 07:18 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Reminds me of looking through to set up the diopter on older film cameras. Nice!

comment by Simon C at 09:22 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Yes, a superior shot. Strong colour and texture. You seem to have a penchant for images created by reflection or light passing through transparent or translucent objects.

comment by turnover at 10:19 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Yet another nice shoot !!

Very beautiful texture and colours

Good job Djin :) once again ... ;)

comment by felix at 10:55 AM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

wow, really great! this is my favorite of your shots. you certainly have a great eye. thx.

comment by mandarinka at 12:16 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

hey. I came here by accident, went through some of your photos, and seems that I'll be here every time I want to calm my mind.


comment by amanda at 12:31 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004


You really suck at this photography stuff.

comment by bsag at 02:13 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

That's a really superb shot. I love the red, gold and blue colours and the gritty, grainy feel from the dust on the glass. I'm trying to guess how the heck you managed to get so close in behind a wall mounted lamp...

comment by Eduardo at 04:33 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Well done!

What I can say? Itīs nice to have where take inspiration! Thanks! ;-)

comment by Deceptive at 05:51 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Lovely warm colours, even the dirt works for me.

comment by Prasad HV at 06:40 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Its grans and the disengaged bulb's inner fuse looks altruistic and loveable. Like life itself

comment by ninds at 10:19 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

I love it when you can find beauty in the details of something that's old, dirty and forgotten. The tones in the photo just make me swoon :)

comment by djn1 at 11:22 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2004

Thanks everyone.

Jules: ;-)

Simon: yes, capturing light in this way is something I've been pursuing a lot recently.

Amanda: :-P to you too :-)

bsag: I should have explained this better. The light was mounted on top of the garden wall, not against a vertical wall.

comment by undergroundv at 05:03 AM (GMT) on 22 May, 2004

Banda com cinco guitarras ajude a divulgar deiche contato no mural nostre seu trabalho

comment by tiffany at 05:47 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2004

I can't go to bed now and it's all your fault. This one (and its sister) might be some of my favorite photos I've seen in a long time. Gorgeous. The dirt, the light, the compostition. Ach, how embarrassing, I'm in love with a lightbulb.

comment by Mb. at 03:06 PM (GMT) on 23 June, 2004

Lovely shadow/silhouette vs. bright light contrast, stunning happy/shiny colours seen through a messy film of filth. Lovely shot.

comment by Deb at 02:09 AM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

Evening, David... Finally rmustered up enough energy to put you in the search engine and check out your full portfolio. All I can say is....."Give up the day job, mate!" (and can I have your PC when you leave please?). Why is this my favourite image? Well....I know nothing of technical quality so I can only base my judgement on symbolic "attachment". I love the mottled surface of that pic...reminds me of a mirror losing it's silvering.....kind of post-modern faded gentllity. (Where's the EEG machine by thw way...?? Those shots were good. Will be checking in regularly now I've got you bookmarked at home (recommended the site too)

comment by luis at 05:13 PM (GMT) on 22 March, 2005

Best of the web

comment by Victoria at 01:30 PM (GMT) on 20 July, 2005

Absolutely stunning picture !! I love the colour radience and the image definition.