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What I was attempting with this shot was to capture the feel of this room rather than just the turntable itself. It was taken in the music room at my friend’s house and features the turntable that blurrily appears in yesterday’s shot. Around the walls of the room are several thousand LP's, several hundred CD's, and various bits of audio equipment – pre-amp, power-amp, and some other bits that I can visualise but am not entirely sure I know quite what they do. Suffice to say that my friend is a person who takes his music seriously ;-)

I took around 20 shots of this turntable, the majority of which were flash illuminated (bounced off the ceiling), but none of them worked. As for this one: it was hand-held with a shutter speed of one third of a second, but I have no idea how I managed to keep the camera steady. The image isn’t pin-sharp, but it’s ok.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
4.20pm on 15/5/04
aperture priority
comment by E. M. at 12:28 AM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

I like the reflection of the LPs up against the machine they are played on. Also dig the cool blue hues in contrast to the clean white turntable. Nice shot!

comment by James at 02:14 AM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

That's a hell of a funky design going on with the record deck. Very bold shot - well done.

comment by Ryan at 11:45 AM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

nice...very well illustrated.

comment by squeak at 02:40 PM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

o0o excellent! =]

comment by Joseph Holmes at 05:55 PM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

God the high-tech turntables are awesome. I still have some expensive components from before I was married!


comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 07:46 PM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

I'm actually a deejay myself. Was pretty into it about two years ago; it proves to being a very expensive habit. Thanks for some nice memories there...

comment by djn1 at 11:54 PM (GMT) on 18 May, 2004

Thanks all.

James: it sounds pretty funky too ;-)

Jessyel: yep, I think my friend's rig is probably quite expensive.

comment by fredrik at 11:33 AM (GMT) on 25 May, 2004

another great shot! i like the way you've capture the atmosphere of the room in the reflections all those albums cast on the record player.

comment by m at 03:25 PM (GMT) on 21 August, 2006

This has been replaced by a black carbon unit from the producers of military hardware!